Monday, August 30, 2010

FOP Lodge 7 Needs to Rethink Their Loyalty to the Membership

Los Angeles, CA—In a move that cost taxpayers nothing LAPD cops have enjoyed working three 12 hour shifts per week for nearly a decade.

Cops in every California police agency have both a shotgun and M-4 carbine in their vehicles at all times. That includes school police and campus cops.

Cops in Los Angeles seem to be feared or respected by both the African-American and Hispanic street gangs. Could it be that being much better armed than their CPD counterparts and that has the attention of the cowardly thugs?

LAPD officers have not lost manpower, nor have there been layoffs, yet.

The LAPD has not dismantled civil service testing and the promotion of most officers does not create foul odors.

FOP Lodge 7 likes to brag that all CR’s are issued only on sworn affidavits now. I’m waiting for the first prosecution of some mutt caught committing perjury. If they don’t enforce the perjury laws how does that improve anything?

Disabled California police officers never lose their right to carry a gun for self-defense. This is also true in the vast majority of states if for no other reason, there are right to carry laws for the law-abiding.

Laid off cops or those suspended and even fired, that are not under indictment, don’t lose their right to carry firearms in all but very few jurisdictions in America. Again right to carry insures this protection.

Lodge 7 must roll out of the Daley and Burke’s beds and advocate for their members. Maybe changing police labor bargaining agents is long overdue in the Windy City.

Update!!!: Things are shaking in Chicago right now at the FOP. Can they be waking up? Perhaps that the case as they have announced plans for the membership to rally around the Copshop at 35th & Michigan on 15 September at a later to be determined time. They will have something on their sight a very soon. So far they claim is for officer safety issues. We will be watching.


leomemorial said...

They also need to rethink how they treat our officers that serve military duty (more to come)

Anonymous said...

Paul you hit it right on the head. Here in Chicago if a cop retires with an open CR# investigation the "rats" at IAD can put in his/her file "Retired while under investigation." This means that it is up to the Supt's and Personnel's discretion as to whether this retiree who served a long and good career will be given his retirement star and Id which determines if they can carry . Got it on very good authority this happens to numerous retirees every year and of course FOP Lodge #7 doesn't do shit about it. Best part is the up to Supt's discretion part, which all of us on the job know really means you could be child molester or axe murderer but if you got the "clout" you'll get your stuff and be able to carry. "Sweet Home Chicago." remember it's all legit here.