Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Perfect Police Booking Photo

Las Vegas, NV—Apparently Paris Hilton reads the famous Crimefile News Blog. She has read past articles where I have given sound advice to smile and look your very best for your special Kodak Moment as the jailers process you for your ride in the local fun house.

Yes, Hilton was pinched by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for possession of a little of that happy dust last night.

The advantage here is obvious. Unless you’re told this was a booking photo you’d never know it just by looking at it. If this is the worst photograph you will ever see of this lady I don’t think it would be so terrible at all. The news directors and editors won’t be able to humiliate Hilton by redundantly flashing a booking photo of her with a hideous scowl and messy hair.

I wish this pretty party girl a fair day in court with an extra helping of due process and all the rehabilitation programs they can give her.


Anonymous said...

Heads, you get sloppy seconds, Tails, I'll just take some oral from Ms. Hilton, eh. Why would she reach for her lip balm and allow a bindle of coke to fall out. She didn't even make the cops work for it..geesch! She must of been so blasted she though LVPD was paparazzi?

Dave Hardy said...

Well, she's not famous for good judgment, and a snootful of coke doesn't exactly improve what remains. Years ago an attorney for Park Service, which has jurisdictions on the DC parkways (which are both highways and parks) told of an officer who stopped a speeding convertible sportscar, with top down. He walked up to it, ready to write the ticket, but before he could ask for the license the driver said "OK, you caught me fair and square," and held out a bag of cocaine in one hand and a fistful of hundred dollar bills in the other.

It's McTwitter! said...

Paul: Coppers only catch the ones that are dumber from them. That quote was from Jack Manley (CPD retired.