Monday, August 30, 2010

Barack Obama Can Achieve Greatness if he can Muster some Courage and Wisdom

Washington, DC—There is only one viable direction for our economy and that is the immediate interruption of tax collection from American manufacturers and consumers. If the tax collection is frozen employment will immediately thrive.

Americans that suddenly have more cash in their pockets will have the needed confidence to buy homes, cars and all the other things that we know will move our economy.

Our taxing schemes have far exceeded even King George’s wildest dreams. Remember it was the Stamp Act along with outrageous increase in tax on tea that brought our rebellion from English rule. We have been slowly taxed into slavery ever since to the point of absolute strangulation.

Bailouts, the creation of a welfare Socialist state and Mideast wars without clear objectives and benefits to Americans are pure poison for our economy.

Watching his approval ratings plummet and heightened interest in his sketchy citizenship, and Muslin religion Barack Obama knows he will not be able to retain power or be anything except a bad memory for Americans.

There is a way he can turn things around in a hurry.

The plan:

1. Repeal the over-rated and unpopular Obamacare
2. End all bailouts while letting corrupt or unprofitable businesses fail
3. Suspend all taxes that inhibit American productivity
4. Withdraw all troops from the Mideast
5. Fire the Obama team of un-vented and unelected Czars
6. Shut the flow of trespassers from our Southern border
7. End the failed Drug War
8. Encourage American self-reliance
9. Withdraw from the Communist Dominated United Nations
10. Stay out of the political affairs of other nations unless it directly affects America.

The reality is Obama will do none of these things and inspire a second civil war instead. So be it.

Millions of Americans are well armed, trained and ready to support, defend and protect our Constitution against even a domestic enemy like Barack Obama. Obama will never get the cooperation support of our military and police for his Socialist agenda. To Obama I say, take your best shot, Mr. President.

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Anonymous said...

Barack Obama and courage and wisdom are exact opposites. Never happen.