Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now’s the Time to send Mayor Daley and City Hall your Message on Guns

Chicago, IL—Chicagoans had a great civil rights victory in the Supreme Court yesterday. The law abiding people living in the Windy City may now possess and use handguns for self-defense. The days of providing criminals with a population of unarmed and defenseless victims are over.

Law-abiding people throughout the United States have proven to be responsible with their gun rights including the right to carry them. Those perpetrating unlawful gun violence are always the same troublesome criminals we fail to keep locked away.

Chicagoans need not accept Mayor Richard M. Daley’s violence enabling agenda of eliminating meaningful self defense. Above all Daley and their cronies are power hungry politicians that will never risk losing power by angering voters.

The end of the gun ban is the best crime fighting tool Chicago has had in decades. Concealed carry rights would end government sponsored domination criminals have over the people of Illinois.

Daley and the City council of Chicago need to hear from voters demanding that no new gun ordinances be enacted and tell him to stop fighting concealed carry in Illinois. Call Daley and your Alderman today at 312-744-4000 and tell them who you are and what you want, before they violate your civil rights. Of course you will only be able to leave a message. If you don’t call you deserve what you will get, more tyranny.

There is also a rally planned for downtown Chicago on July 9. 2010. Attend this event and bring every friend you possibly can!
Chicago July 9 2010 Gun Rights Rally


Security Guard Insurance said...

Not from Chicago, but I most certainly agree with you! A benefit of being in Texas but our rights are still not safe.

Anonymous said...

Paul Thanks for the rally Plug!

Anonymous said...

What about this new plan of his published in the Tribune....one gun per household! And another round of legal nonsense again....this goof will not give up!

Anonymous said...

Keep sending a message by buying more guns and ammunition.This has had a huge impact on the national scene.
The progressives were not expecting a fight and believe most Americans will just roll over and take it in the keester.

Be politically active.Write,call,email your elected officials.Donate to the NRA or a pro-gun group of your choice.

Freedom isnt free and forces of evil never go away.