Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’s Time For Our Generals to Act!

Washington, DC—Our Hope and Change President is on an anti-American mission to destroy the free market, economy and currency of the United States. He’s replacing our form of government and constitution with a Socialist model. That’s Treason pure and simple.

When Adolph Hitler became so destructive and criminal many the generals of the German military knew they had a duty to end the suffering of Germany’s families. They did too little, much too late. They were inept and failed in their attempts to remove the despot. Eventually they gave their very lives along with many other top German officials. When the dust settled thousands of honorable military and civilian resisters of National Socialism were murdered under the color of law.

Unlike Hitler’s generals , our military's leaders first duty is to the Constitution of the United States. Hitler’s generals were required to swear an oath not to the Constitution or the people, but to the despot himself.

General Stanley McChrystal
recognized Barack Obama’s intentions and the dangers he poses to all Americans and our way of life. McChristal has a duty to expose Obama and apparently had done just that. Obama has retaliated by relieving McChristal of his command. Obama is the one that should be removed.

I only hope now the other members of our military recognize their sworn duty too. They must protect America from the Communist threat in the Whitehouse.

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