Thursday, June 03, 2010

Being Governed By Thugs, Thieves and Traitors

Washington, DC—Barack Obama promised transparency along with a long list of hollow promises he simply made to get elected. He delivered nothing but a trillion dollar pay off to his pals who got him elected.

Obama has been running the currency printing presses non-stop, manufacturing money backed by nothing to destroy our economy. The deliberate purpose is to keep this once stable and strong government fully dependent on Socialist nations like china.

Our unemployment rate is still in the toilet along with our productivity. Obama’s Bolshevik parallel Czar Cabinet created a Socialized Medicine health care system that will destroy what we had and make things much worse. This is the same Socialism that’s never worked anywhere so how can it work here?

Along the way, government appointments are being bartered, bought and sold as this administration commits felony after felony.

We are under control of a vast criminal regime that must be stopped at all cost. Socialist governments are always led by thugs, thieves and liars. The thugs always place themselves above the law as the loot the treasury. The thugs enslave the population for their personal gain.

However you view Obama’s criminal enterprise, it violates our Constitution. They founding fathers gave us a government system that cannot be changed by a simple majority of votes or Presidential Decrees.

There is a proper mechanism for changing the Constitution these socialists will never be able to garner. Since they can’t do it within the law they’re doing it outside of the law.

Our founding fathers gave every American citizen the power and duty to defend the Constitution. We must do our duty and use whatever force is necessary to preserve the Constitution, arrest, try and hang every traitor.


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Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad with power
Paul in Texas

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It's amazing that some stupid people in this country want to "try" socialism and marxism. They are ignorant and nuts. Do you know that no free, capitalist society has ever had genocide, mass murders, masses of people in starvation nor has any 2 free, capitalist societies ever gone to war against one another. Can't say that about the socialist, communist, marxist countries now can you?