Friday, June 18, 2010

The Obama Disaster Must End.

Washington, DC—A young political stranger with insufficient experience, a nebulas political platform and a broad smile ran for president at the exact right moment. Barack Obama won the election.

Eight years of a horrible Republican President along with wars in two theaters had taken its toll on American voters.

The Republicans went on to make a terrible choice of a very Liberal and Progressive John McCain to be their candidate. McCain was still eating humble pie after floating his failed, illegal alien amnesty program.

Disillusioned Conservative voters had but two choices that came from the US Senate and their voting records were strikingly similar. Conservatives avoided the polls and the result was a win for Barack Obama.

America had apparently voted for that incredibly vague Hope and Change platform. Obama said he wanted some strange things like a civilian government force with the same power and funding as the military. Nobody ever bothered to ask him to explain what that was all about.

Obama had some serious baggage that was ignored from the criminal racketeering Organization that runs the City of Chicago. Obama’s associating with, wheeling and dealing with felons was just put aside like old news.

The media overlooked Obama’s membership in the W.E.B. Dubois Club. This is a Marxist organization popular with Chicago’s African-American community. The epicenter for this outfit is in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago that Obama calls home.

Obama’s close association with avowed dangerous radicals and Communists along with his hateful 20 year, racist religious advisor somehow became a big, “SO What?”.

Obama’s place of birth is not an issue for voters to decide, but a constitutional mandate that must be followed. There is serious evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, Africa and not naturalized properly by his mother. Obama may well be an illegal alien as he as fought every effort to open records that would revealed the simple truth. There can only be one reason for Obama to hide his birth records, he was not born here.

Obama is here with his duplicative but decidedly Socialist and un-vetted Czar Cabinet. Obama has placed the nation into inevitable bankruptcy as he is destroying every bit of our economy he can. Obama has done all he can to nationalize banks, auto makers and health care to the peril of the free market and competition this country was founded upon.

Obama has operated in secret when he redundantly promised transparency. He has proven himself to be a disappointment to the centrist population and even a surprising segment of the Democratic Party.

Americans are tired of the seemingly ineffective and endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and somehow took Obama’s mixed signals that he’d end those operations. The coffins of America’s fighting men and women still arrive in Delaware at the same pace as when George Bush was around.

The Liberals have given Obama a pass and full pardon for the same exact crap they condemned George Bush over.

Obama’s approval ratings stand at disappointing 41%. If there was an election today Obama would be gone.

Every additional day Obama is president America sinks further into a quagmire of failed Socialist ideas. Every day Obama is President will obstruct any hope of an economic recovery for America. Everyday Obama is President our defense is being dismantled making us a softer target for attack.

Obama hates the principals under which this country was founded and is obviously committed to its destruction. That makes him a traitor. Obama must be forced out of office while we still have a country.


Anonymous said...

Even the liberal Democrats are now comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter. I think that’s more than just a passive statement that Obama was a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Zionist George Soros spent millions putting Obama in office. His buddies have agenda to rule the world with one unelected entity in charge. You support the Zionists, Paul...and can't have it both ways.