Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Pro-Obama Thug, This Time It’s A Congressman!

Washington, DC—Watch Congressman Bob Etheridge, Democrat from North Carolina, as he violently manhandles a passive student asking simple questions on a public sidewalk.

This is nothing more than a criminal assault and battery that deserves prosecution in both a criminal and civil court.

This is the new thuggish attitude of the Socialists of the Barack Obama Administration. Yes, it reminiscent of the Brownshirts of National Socialism’s SA that brought Adolph Hitler to absolute power.

If Etheridge escapes prosecution that’s a sure sign of the Obama Administration actually is gaining that dreaded absolute power.


Jim McMahon said...

Shame on this kid. He should've kicked the shit out of this power drunk asshole.

He set himself up perfectly for a right upper cut to the jaw.......and it would've been "Goodnight Irene!"

Dutch 107 said...

Appalling conduct by an elected official. We see an adult committing an unprovoked battery on what is obviously a young student. The student is well dressed, polite, on a public way, asking a simple, non-offensive question for a school project. In response, the congressman grabs property from the student (probably a tape recorder), grabs the students hand/wrist while demanding the student answer the congressman's questions. When the student is reluctant to give his name, the congressman becomes more aggressive and grabs the student around the neck.

This is a criminal attack by an adult on a child. OK DC cops, it's your jurisdiction - make the arrest.

Anonymous said...

The Congressman looked a lil 10-55 to me.

Anonymous said...

He is a Democrat. Nothing will happen to him. If a Republican did this he would already be in jail. Being Democratic means never having to say you are sorry or take blame.