Friday, May 26, 2023

Is Obtaining a Gun for Self-Defense a Political Choice?

 Los Angeles--Self-preservation should never be a political issue.  It’s one of our most primal and basic instincts.  We were born to always feel the need to protect ourselves and loved ones from injury and death. 


However most governments are afraid of their own people and have made significant efforts to propagandize and convince people that their benevolent government will competently take over these responsibilities.  As we should know from history, Democide by government is the most prolific form of murder ever conceived. 



Even under the best of circumstances our police are dispatched only to arrive in time to clean up the mess and make reports.  They may or may not, apprehend the killers later.


We’ve also learned shocking lessons from both the Columbine High School and more recent Ulvade elementary school massacres that police refused to confront the deranged killers until long after our precious children have bled out from their wounds.  Even under the best conditions we’ve learned that police were unable to, or simply refused to do what’s expected of them. 


Another problem is that should the police arrive interrupting in-progress crimes they are not clairvoyant and within split-seconds they must figure out just who are the good and bad players.  Far too often police make tragic mistakes during this process. 


Hollywood has bombarded us with thousands of stories where the police arrive instantaneously, never make mistakes, the bad guys are arrested or killed, and the good guys live happily ever after.  Most every American has grown into believing this is somehow reality.  


Ineffective police work is not the exception but the norm.  It makes no difference who should be blamed politically.  The fact is we live in a dangerous world where thousands of criminals and mentally ill people are out there waiting for opportunities to inflict harm on innocent victims.  


If like many people you’ve lived your life in relative safety, thoughts self-defense or fear is not part of your life.  Fortunate people live in safe neighborhoods traveled in nice automobiles to safe places where you attended school or work at your job.


Because of today’s superior public transportation the crime plagued ghetto has suddenly found its way to even the best neighborhoods.  Internet chat has brought like-minded criminals together where they plan and conspire to commit crimes.  Today they are also much more likely to work in teams rather than alone. 


Because of current prevailing political attitudes dangerous prisoners are being released from prisons by the tens of thousands.  People arrested and accused of crimes are allowed to remain free without posting cash bail. 


At the same time government has shut down mental institutions leaving the mentally ill on our streets left to their own devices. 


You now ask, what can you do?  There is no simple answer other than you must become your own first responder. Yes, you must take the law into your own hands because there may be no one else to do this for you.  


You are not Superman, nor do you possess any significant extra-terrestrial powers. You are a mere mortal and without weapons and training you are basically helpless.


Government sometimes, not always offers you non-lethal weapons like pepper spray or electric stun guns that have various defense capabilities. Frankly, most of these things will get you into much more trouble and danger. 


Lethal weapons however, somewhat level the playing field.  If properly employed they will either interrupt an attack or stop it cold.  But first you must make the commitment to use deadly force without hesitation.  Never forget Your goal is not to kill, but to simply stop any further harm being waged against you or your loved ones.  


Yes, let there be no doubt that should you shoot or stab somebody, death can result.  What most people don't know today is its modern emergency medicine save nearly 90% of the people who are shot by various firearms.


By now you're deciding whether to take advantage of your Constitutional Right to possess and carry firearms.  It is a heavy choice, followed by a commitment that you will get the proper training and develop the skill to effectively use a firearm.  You can trust me when I say this is not going to be a difficult learning curve if you pay strict attention to your trainer. 


The only thing I implore you to do, is to never allow politicians to interfere with the basic survival of you and your loved ones.   Survival always trumps obedience to the gun bans of our land.  Either you will give yourself a fighting chance to survive or not. 



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