Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Malicious Prosecution Must End Now!

New York, NY—We have a problem in America, and that is too many people reluctantly except daily violence, refusing to do what is necessary to protect human life.  

Instead, witnesses act like cowardly lemmings, with a few calling 911 and expecting the “professionals” to handle it all.  The problem is that we all know that the professionals simply can’t get there in time.

Daniel Perry, 30 a former marine and current architectural student, restrained a dangerous, insane and suicidal man, Jordan Neely , 30 on a NY subway train on May 1, 2023. 

Neely later died in the hospital. Prosecutors chose not to wait for a medical examiners toxicology report that would a give us a much better picture of the actual cause and manner of death. 

The offender here, Jordan Neely was arrested more than 40 times in the past.  Among his deeds was breaking the nose and several other facial bones of a 67-year-old woman, where he delivered a sucker Punch. This was aside of scores of additional incidents where he was taken away for psychiatric help.

Neely preferred sucker-punching people when they did not expect it, sending them to the hospitals. Jordan Neely was a constant danger to himself and others who belonged not in that subway car but in a tightly locked cage.  

Daniel Perry was not a trained police officer, but a Marine.  I’ve been both an Army soldier and a cop. There’s a significant difference in training here!  Cops and military members both undergo choke-hold training but there is no similarity in that cops are trained no not use choke-holds except as a last resort when lawful deadly force is necessary and legally justified.  Cops are warned that choke-holds can kill!

Because of law enforcement related custodial deaths, cops are now taught extensively about potently deadly choke-hold and positional asphyxia. 

Our soldiers are taught to use the choke-hold often and  indiscriminately in actual combat assuming their guns and combat knives are unavailable. They are trained to apply it until the threat ends. They are not taught to worry about the health safety and welfare of the enemy they were fighting with those civil court repercussions like cops. Cops and soldiers has vastly different rules of engagement. 

This important point about the training differences must be presented to the Grand Jury in simple fundamental fairness or an indictment should not stand a basic pre-trial defense motion.  

Perry just knew if he didn’t step in Neely would seriously hurt someone because of his violent,  angry verbal threats and actions.  

Perry, by default became the first responder.  He did his duty as a human being with the minimal choke-hold training he had! I’m sure he felt he had the best training possible as a Marine. 

NY Prosecutor, Alvin Bragg has shown himself to be an ignorant, race-baiting, publicity seeker for his malicious and wrongful prosecution Perry for Second Degree Manslaughter. 

So far, Perry has received community support and $2 million in defense funds that will insure his case will be appealed to the highest court if necessary.  

Thankfully he’s out on bail and I hope’s being  protected since Alvin Bragg has singled him out as a racist murderer. 

As for Jordan Neely, that parasitic and dangerous thug was victimized not by Perry but by the government that failed to keep him safe from the deadly violence he brought upon himself. 

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