Friday, May 05, 2023

Correctional Departments are the Rectum of The Criminal Justice System.

 USA— Let me begin this story by telling you that our criminal justice system, and our correctional system is a total, dysfunctional disgrace.  We put people away based on the nebulous term, reasonable doubt. I don’t care who tries to define the term it comes out differently for everybody.  We have to face it that innocent people are convicted every day for a multitude of reasons, including corrupt police investigations.

Most people put in prison are there based on their own words.  These for the most part are dangerous and psychotic people that must stay in cages.  Our prisons are cruel places, particularly for the innocent. The clash of race and cultural diversity very often ends in extortion, robbery, rape and of course murder.  Prison guards cannot simply police incorrigible inmates. Many prisons let the inmates run the asylum and I say that seriously.  It’s much easier for the politicly appointed prison staffers to leave their work to the inmates. 

Our society is not smart enough to segregate our prisons, keeping those groups antagonistic to one another far apart.  Apparently, our politicians have no clue or simply don’t care what goes on in our prisons.  That as the corrections staffers release statistics that too often have more padding in them than my high school prom! 

Medical or dental care in our prisons is a continuing scandal.  The lowest bid medical contractors all seem to specialize in malpractice. A prison sentence is not intended to be the death penalty.  instead, we hope that people incarcerated somehow find redemption while they’re locked away from society.  

Let me be the first one to admit there’s no real treatment or cure for career criminals other than advanced age, major disability or death. Rehabilitation efforts are a redundantly proven to be a  lost cause. Public safety demands that criminals and psychopaths be segregated from society.  

There are plenty of non-profit organizations out there selling snake oil rehabilitation cures to our  government agencies.  The contracts are of course are then awarded most often with generous kickbacks for our beloved politicians. 

Accept in rare circumstances a child raised in a home with a bankrupt culture of ignorance, violence, theft, and substance abuse is doomed to become like his immediate elders. We choose to ignore bad cultural behavior for fears of being accused of racism.  Instead we created an absolute form of Genocide.  No race or group can escape from this.

Unfortunately we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.  

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