Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Yes Tina, We Loved You

 Küsnacht, Switzerland—Tina Turner was born under humble beginnings in Tennessee. She crafted her talent like so many others in a church choir. 

Her talent led her to a platonic relationship with singer and performer, Ike Turner.  Ike Turner has his own hits and success.  He immediately recognized Tina’s talent and passed on whatever he could to her about the music, business.

Before long, in the 1970s, they got married but unfortunately they fell into a stretch of cruelty and domestic violence that forced an end to that marriage.

Tina, however came back, as a magnificent Phoenix rising from the ashes with incredible new material, poise and confidence. Tina soon turned out hit after hit. 

Eventually the USA lost its luster to Tina with the change in politics and loss freedoms.  Tina soon learned to speak German proficiently and she sought and earned citizenship in Switzerland. That enabled the ex-patriot to leave the plantation. Thankfully her music is international.

Eventually, Tina had to face her approaching expiration date. I don’t care how long you live, death and declining health is never fair.  

Tina passed away today at 83. Her image and music will be with us forever. Yes Tina, we loved you. 

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