Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why Must State and Local Government Bully Food and Snack Cart Vendors?

Los Angeles, CA—There everywhere, small trucks, vans, carts and stands.  They offer water, beverages, ice cream and snacks. 
These are the equivalent of a kid’s lemonade stand.  In L.A. people with highly questionable immigration status seem to exclusively operate them. 
The vendor’s seem to have sanitation challenges since they don’t seem to have access to hot water to wash their hands.  I think we are all capable of deciding if their products are fit for consumption.
The vendor’s products are cheap and service is fast.  Most importantly the vendors aren’t stealing, begging or damaging our way of life.
The complaints against the food carts are nearly the exclusively owners of local brick and mortar shops and restaurants.
The brick and mortar set have the additional government tyranny to deal with over the new $15.00 per hour minimum wage!. That is in no the way the fault of the food cart operators!
The complainers carp and whine about abut unfair competition.   That and their own high cost to do business, along with heavy-handed over regulation, taxes and health inspections are a problem for the brick and mortar folks.
Beating up on the cart vendors because you are too timid and weak to fight government tyranny is both cowardly and wrong.  That bullying resulted in exactly what the L.A. City Council has done. They shut down most of the carts with a new ordinance. 
America was founded on the concept of free enterprise. Corrupt government officials are always looking to create monopolies for those who reward their extortion.  They’ve managed to do this everywhere with permits, licenses and fees.
I say leave the cart owners alone!  The way to combat the vendor cart competition is with better sanitation, competitive prices and service. 
The cart vendors have enough difficulties and challenges.  I say leave them alone and be satisfied if you’re not running a food cart yourself! 


Anonymous said...

When people on the street are interviewed about anything, in short order someone will insist it is critical that politicians "do something!!". Why do politicians have to do something? Can't the marketplace figure this stuff out? I think it can.

Anonymous said...

The government will protect you. The government knows what's best for you. The government will tell you what to like or not like. The government knows all, see's all.
Repeat as needed.