Sunday, June 21, 2015

Uber Ridesharing Service and Their Laughable New Gun Ban

Los Angeles, CAUber has taken the taxi business to new highs or perhaps lows.  The convenient but overpriced service you order and pay for on your smartphone has suddenly banned firearms both drivers and passengers.
The right of self-defense is not something politicians or corporate suits can abridge. Our creator gave us the gift of fear and the instinct for survival. We are all alive because most of us understand  threats, danger and that injury or death is no option.
Some of us have had charmed lives always living and working in safe places where behavior is civilized.  Others have had to live and work where rape, robbery and murder is a reality.  Some of us understand the need to be prepared for self-defense much better than others. 
Uber decreed their fleet of vehicle as “Gun Free” with a press release and a prayer.  Do they really think their policy is somehow enforceable?  I suppose if they find out a gun somehow was in possession of a passenger or driver they can try and retaliate somehow.  If a gun was used by a driver or passenger to end a violent crime, who would give a rat’s ass what Uber thought about it?

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