Sunday, June 07, 2015

A Happy Update to Report on My Missing Person’s case, Oliver “Pareece” Jones!

Oliver Jones
Mazatlan, Mexico—I’ve been able to verify through Oliver "Pareece"  Jones’ sister that he’s been located here and is safe.  I know his five children are celebrating today and are very anxious to be reunited with their father.
The personal details are sketchy right now but they seem to surround a head injury Jones received in Hollywood just before he vanished on or about April 4th.    
I wish to thank the San Bernardino, CA Sheriff’s Police of Rancho Cucamonga for their diligent and professional efforts. 
Additionally I want to thank KTLA-TV, NBC-4, ABC-7, KCBS/KCAL-TV and ABC News Network for their efforts in informing their Southern California audience of the crisis and broadcasting Pareece’s pictures everywhere!  
Special Thanks go to KTLA’s great reporters, Kareen Wynter, Sara Welch and Rick Chambers for their interest and concerns.  KTLA’s five hours of broadcast local news was incredibly valuable and comforting to the emotionally distraught Jones family.
Like me the family was prepared for the worst but this miraculous ending is indeed a joy to report.  

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Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

He is alive and well, his family picked him up in Mazatlan Mexico Saturday at 2pm, we are most grateful and full of joy for his safe return.
In behalf of Pareece an his family we thank all of you for your preyers, love, concern,and support in helping find him and bringing him safely home.
Pareece is emotional and very happy to be with his family, he would like to spend time with immediate family for a day or two.
He is most excited and looking forward to seeing all friends, family and loved ones.
We would like to invite everyone who knows Pareece to a homecoming celebration, this coming Friday 6:00 pm at Loraine's house to share his story.