Monday, June 22, 2015

The Confederate Flag's Image and Meaning…

Charleston, SC—It’s never the losers of wars that write the history books.  With glee, the winners demonize the losers at every opportunity in anything published about the conflicts.
Our Civil War was much more about a heavy handed federal government and states rights than slavery.  Personally, I abhor the concept of slavery.  
Today that same federal government has made slaves out of every taxpayer.  They take more than half of what we earn and reward corrupt businesses that bribe politicians. 
The slavery of the Negro is distant history. Nobody alive today owned slaves or were slaves except for taxpayers of every color.
The Confederate flag represents among other things thousands of brave young American men that gave their lives fighting for their country.   It’s not a symbol of racism or hate. 
Saying all that, ignorance and propaganda has relentlessly maligned the flag over the many years at least to African-Americans it has become a symbol of hate. 
We will never be able to educate the millions of misinformed people of all races about the flag.  There is not a reason to bother educating them today.
Under the circumstances the flag has be defiled and misinterpreted beyond hope.  Accordingly removing it as an effort of political correctness will not harm society.
Rewriting history is what people do.  There is no cure for propaganda and ignorance in humans.
If it makes African-Americans and the ignorant happy,  removing the old Stars and Bars from government buildings, it’s a small price to pay to co-exist peacefully.


Anonymous said...

No, Paul.

Giving in to the PC police only encourages them.

They will only find something else to scream about and attack. Next it will be name of the Washington Redskins NFL franchise, then the Gasden flag, and so on...

Give them nothing. Remind them that "yes; we have risen up against oppressive Federal authority once before; we can do so again..."

Mark said...

Of course it is not acceptable to cower to the PC crowd, especially when they are not actually offended by the Battle flag, just falling into line behind the race-baiters.

Anonymous said...

So, giving in to terrorists lets everyone live happy and free in coexistence. We should emulate this as it has been working our so well for the Middle East and Europe.

No terrorists you say, well, lets talk about how Wal-Mart removed all confederate flag merchandise and was then attacked by "youths" bent on causing as much damage as possible because of racism.

Anonymous said...

Peace cannot be purchased by renouncing reason and replacing it with ignorance.