Saturday, March 14, 2015

LAPD Police Recruit Wanted For Homicide?

Pamona, CA—It was in the early hours this morning when an altercation ended in the shooting death of 23 year-old Salome Rodriquez, Jr.
The apparent location of this incident is Third and Main Streets. Police say that 27 year-old LAPD probationary officer, Henry Solis who was assigned to the Devonshire Division.  Police say that he failed to show up for roll call today. 
Solis has absolutely no duty under any law to make himself available for interrogation by anyone.  He also had the right to flee from the scene if he felt endanger of criminal attack.
This case has an odor to it since they are so quick to treat Officer Solis as a fugitive. 
Solis needs help.  He needs a criminal lawyer who can’t do much for him beyond shutting Solis up and negotiating reasonable bail.  Lawyers can’t investigate because if they become a witness they must withdraw from further criminal defense.
What Solis needs is me to quickly conduct a defense investigation so his lawyer has the necessary information to defend him. 
This has all the appearances of a self-defense case like I specialize in conduction.  Solis or his family would do well by calling me for advice.  I specialize in self-defense cases and have won the last 14 toHof 14 cases in court.   Solis needs to make himself available to police not for interrogation but booking assuming there is probable cause to arrest him.  He should not do this alone under any circumstances. 
Despite departmental regulations requiring every officer's cooperation during investigations, Solis needs to say absolutely nothing.  He may lose his job but may well avoid decades in prison.
Right now Solis is understandably afraid.  I would be willing to get him safely to a lawyer and help end this manhunt before it gets out-of-control.

I happen know a great L.A. lawyer with success in self-defense cases that has represented cops before.  He certainly would be interested in this case. 

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AmericaBeautiful said...

I think you have a good idea here and hope this man takes you up on your offer. How can you get the word out to him?