Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why is History in Ruins In West Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, CA—Nestled between Brentwood and Westwood on the North side of Wilshire Blvd. is the sprawling Veteran’s Administration campus.
It contains the Veteran’s Cemetery, The West Los Angeles VA Hospital, a stadium and even a golf course. There is limited housing for some of our old soldiers riding out what time they have left on this earth.
Standing there is this grand old white Victorian designed building with peeling paint.  What it his building and what’s it’s story?
This old Army veteran had to take his little camera drone and check the place out.  Along the way I learned its history.
Sit back and watch my report on the old Wadsworth Chapel.


Anonymous said...

Nice job.

Anonymous said...

The SEP 2014 issue of the American Legion magazine has a great article about homeless veterans and the West LA VA campus. 387 acres of mismanagement. The land was donated in 1888 to the federal gov't to "permanently maintain a national home for disabled volunteer soldiers." Very few veterans are housed there. But the UCLA Bruins baseball team is housed there. UCLA pays the VA only $5,000 per month in rent.