Saturday, March 14, 2015

Camera Drones and Woman, Times are a Changing!

Los Angeles, CA—The wildly popular camera multi-rotor camera drones had few women admirers.  Advances in technology has facilitated and enabled the drone camera industry explosion just in the last two years.
I became hooked on drones was slightly over a year ago however I was really disappointed by a lack of interest by women in this incredibly exciting and creative endeavor. 
Going to model aircraft flying fields was always an all male event.  Not a wife, daughter, girlfriend of the drone pilots were in sight.  Okay, I have a fondness for women and not seeing any of them enjoying something I’m relishing so much was disappointing.
I suspect that the perceived technical issues and mechanics of the drones had intimidated women.   There are four things a successful drone camera pilot needs to learn.
The actual piloting of an unmanned multi-rotor aircraft is really not too difficult to learn.  The technical issues like GPS and physical intricacies of the aircraft are absorbed with time.  Knowing how the cameras work and enjoying photography is important. 
Knowing how to edit video is really a must.  That used to be difficult but with the modern software products it’s a snap. 
The last needed skill is writing or story telling.  Drone videos need either music or a voiceover to cover the annoying motor noise of the natural sound.  This is easily accomplished with the editing software.  
YouTube is loaded with tutorials on everything you need to know.  Some instructional videos are better than others. 
Notwithstanding the FAA ban on commercial use of drones you cannot see a TV program, feature film or even a commercial that does not have drone video incorporated.  Many producers are flying drone operators off shore to capture the stunning images. 
Flying a drone is fun, addictive and satisfying.  I can only describe this a close as you can experience flying on a magic carpet.  It’s so empowering to see things from above.   One significant benefit is that you’ll never have to fear losing your life operating a drone. 
One additional thing is certain, there will be plenty jobs for those people that have embraced this wonderful technology. 
Finally, the good news is that women are beginning to actually love flying drones!  The intimidation has been reduced by drone marketing efforts and of course their seeing pre-teens operating drones doesn’t hurt.
Women need to know that there are lots of men that would enjoy sharing this hobby and teaching women about the these amazing devices.
I’m putting a drone documentary together.  I still need to assemble some important interviews and video but I landed an interview from an elegant, conventional pilot Abbe Lyle that loves drones.  Abbe lives up in Sacramento and is also a high profile drone pilot.  You can meet Abbe here.

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