Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finally! The Simpsons Meet Celebrated Dutch Actress Carice van Houten!

Carice van Houten Guest Stars on THE SIMPSONS!
Los Angeles, CA—It was no secret that my favorite actress, Carice van Houten loves The Simpsons! I knew she made a stop on her last visit to L.A. to the Pico Ave Fox Studios to the Simpsons sound stage.  Van Houten left proudly sporting a Simpson’s souvenir jacket.
Carice van Houten is probably best known as the Red Witch, Melisandre in the wildly popular HBO series, Game of Thrones.   She’s also the winner of five, Golden Calf awards (The Dutch equivalent of our Oscar Award).  
Van Houten’s amazing talent first blew me away as the star of my all time favorite dramatic film, Paul Verhoeven’s, Black Book.   Now van Houten has found herself as guest star on the Simpsons.    Her character named Anneke van Houten will debut on the May 3rd episode.
This incredibly talented actress comes from a gifted Dutch family that’s deeply routed in in art, music, television and theater.  Aside from having great music and acting chops van Houten has mastered several languages including German, English and French. 
The album, See You On The Ice is a hit in Europe but has not been promoted well in the USA.  It was a labor of love for van Houten along with co-writer, producer and master international musician, Ken Stringfellow.  I love that album that’s entirely in English and available on iTunes.
Van Houten has had limited success in the USA being cast in such films as Valkyrie, Repo Men and The Fifth Estate. 
In coming months van Houten will appear in the both the Jessie Owen’s biopic, Race and Blumhouse Production’s, Incarnate.  Of course there are other film in various stages of development waiting to exploit van Houten’s exceptional talents.
Comedy has never been lost on van Houten who was raised partially on Laurel and Hardy films. Her great sense of humor is showcased on many six second films and pictures all over the Internet.
Hopefully Crimefile News can land a video interview of van Houten for this blog.  This actress is a real star that is Oscar quality in every respect.  I’m confident she will be cast in the right film where we will see that happen.
In the mean time very soon we will enjoy a bit of silliness that The Simpsons are known for with my favorite star! 

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