Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Red Power Ranger, Ricardo “Rico” Medina, Jr. Was Cleared in Sword Stabbing today by Prosecutors!

Ricardo "rico" Medina Jr. 
Palmdale, CA—After the totally unnecessary murder arrest and jailing of actor, Ricardo “Rico” Media, Jr. prosecutors have understandably declined criminal charges.
Roommate, Joshua Sutter, attacked Medina.  Medina fled from Sutter locking him and a girlfriend in the safety of a bedroom.  
In a wild scene like that Jack Nicholson the film, The Shining, Sutter broke down the door and Medina’s display of a sword was not enough to end Sutter’s attack.  Medina’s then justifiably stabbed Sutter.
This seemed on its face a classic but unfortunate justifiable homicide based on the information provided by the Sheriff’s spokesman.  Yet, some brain dead excuse for a cop jailed Medina despite a serious lack of evidence.
Cops can temporarily hold a potential suspect for investigation and when there is no evidence of a crime they must release him.  If later sufficient evidence is obtained then they can re-arrest their suspect. 
Medina was traumatized enough by being victimized and having to use deadly force on another. The jailing an innocent man was and is simply cruel and malicious.
Had Medina posted bail he’d have lost $100,000 forever in bondsman fees.
Now Medina must learn if Hollywood will allow him to work again despite this tragic incident and misleading publicity.  We can only hope his agent stands by him and keeps his career moving.
Cops in this jurisdiction have a duty to protect the rights of people that defend themselves and others.  This arrest was beyond indefensible. 

Imagine if they arrested and held every cop that justifably shoots someone in jail like they did Medina?  Of course some people are more equal than others in our world!

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