Saturday, February 14, 2015

Liberals Need to Understand Why Millions of Americans are willing to Fight and Die to Preserve Their Gun Rights.

Washington, DC—In the seat of American political power, gun rights have been unlawfully compromised away by our politicians for more than four decades. 
The anti-gun rights attacks have almost exclusively come from the far political Left.  I see dark and nefarious motives here since the political Left detests self-reliance, liberty and freedom except for of course, abortion. 
The Left insists the Constitution needs to change with the political wind without that difficult amendment process.  The idea of the founding fathers had was to prevent our Capitalist form of government from being hijacked by those who would corrupt and destroy the system with a simple majority.
Frankly, many of our Presidents, Representatives and Senators are or have been Socialists, Communists and of course criminals.  Unfortunately most politicians have the desire to control, exploit and loot the property of others programed into their DNA.
Don’t let all those broad similes and firm handshakes fool you.  They carefully craft their images to that of offering benevolence to their constituents, but they are in this for themselves.  They all enter office as middle-class people and manage to leave or retire as multi-millionaires. 
Politicians hate running for reelection and they have conspired at every opportunity to rig the political process.  They invented extensive and complicated gerrymandering and campaign finance schemes they sold voters as necessary for “fair” elections.  Their only goal has been incumbent protection at all cost. 
Governments work better for the citizens when politicians are fighting among themselves.  When they all get along the red flag of corruption is waiving. 
Look out when a Conservative suddenly votes for excessive taxation or compromises our freedom away.  That is a sure sign that bribery or extortion is involved. 
Too many of our politicians would end elections in a flash if they had the power to do that.  They are afraid of the voters especially when they push extortionate taxation, over-regulation or curb our freedom.  They all fear revolution as a reality.
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms:
There has never been a despotic dictator in world history that did not order draconian weapon laws or ordered weapon confiscation.   Our founding fathers understood this and the necessity for an armed well-regulated population to fight tyranny.
Our politicians created our formal police agencies during the mid-nineteenth century.  Unfortunately the cops were not there to protect anything but the corrupt politicians, their business operations and wealth.
Police officers were strictly hired on the patronage system and were too often used exclusively to victimize their sponsor’s political opposition.   Cops became the bagmen for politicians, extorting from businesses legal and otherwise. 
To legitimize the cops they had to be given an active role in public safety.  In the large urban areas citizens were told to abdicate their responsibilities of defending themselves and families to these “much better qualified” armed government strangers wearing uniforms. 
Americans were told never to take the law into their own hands but to let the cops handle public safety.  Police professionalized their image and training however when responding to urban violence they still have a huge disadvantage.  They can’t tell the criminals from the good guys unlike you and your family members.
That failed and pathetic, “leave it to the authorities” mindset was never so evident, then when a group of skinny Islamic hijackers took over four passenger jets on September 11, 2001. 
When cops respond to calls involving life-threatening violence they still have a tendency to take the losing injured parties to the hospital while arresting the uninjured winners.  The cops are not clairvoyant and we have thousands of wrongful convictions to make this fact abundantly clear.
Our law enforcement system is way over-rated by films and television.  The fact is they only arrive after the crimes have occurred just in time to clean up the mess.  Then they conduct an investigation but again they are forced to guess what the truth may be. 
The only way to insure actual protection for you and your family is through aggressive and positive self-help.  Weapons, training in their use along with the law and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force are your only option for survival. 
That brings us to the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation.  They are supported by millions of members just like me.  The gun manufactures and dealers have their own National Shooting Sports Foundation to service their political needs.
The NRA’s millions of dues paying members simply demand that our interests and gun rights be zealously and uncompromisingly protected. 
Some on the political Left will suggest to follow the NRA money like there is something evil going on.  The fact is the NRA members and their sympathizers care much more about their safety and liberty than money.  Without liberty money is meaningless.  Our money is far better spent on lobbying for and supporting politicians that protect our rights.
Gun ownership has never been higher in the USA and the crime rate has been steadily declining.   
Since the Supreme Court landmark Heller and McDonald cases, gun laws have been struck down and repealed nearly everywhere. The sky has not fallen. The fact is we are safer than ever.  The guns our in our hands are far more effective than some 911 operator on the phone.  
American gun owners will never again tolerate a Waco or Ruby Ridge holocaust conducted by bucket helmeted, jackboot wearing government thugs.  
The Supreme Court has reaffirmed our rights and those politicians that foolishly try to violate our rights will do so at their peril. Americans have always shown their willingness to shed blood for precious liberty.


E Lang said...

For over century leftists have been at war with our Constitution. Why they call themselves “liberals” I can't imagine because there is nothing liberal about the tyranny of collectivism or any of their other ideas either except in how liberally bad they are. Those of us who support the Constitution are the true liberals.

President Woodrow Wilson had a unique idea to circumvent the Constitution that Americans would not allow him to change. He called it the, “Living Constitution” and instead of changing the words he intended to change the meaning of the words. His efforts however were defeated by the Federalist Papers. A series of newspaper articles that were published shortly after the Convention of 1787 that relate in detail what each section of it means.

They were remarkable men that could see a Woodrow Wilson in our future and worked against him. We never have to wonder what the writers of our Constitution meant by any particular word or phrase because they wrote it all down and widely distributed it. Human history will probably never see men of their kind again.

Indy Reasoner said...

Wow, what a great post and great first comment. Yes!

I have two things beyond that to say:

1. Please don't forget Gun Owners of America (and of your state). I find them much more unbending than the (as I see it) flaccid NRA.

2. 9/11 was a psyop fear mongering trick by the powers that be. The official story is demolished, just like the buildings.

I especially liked this part, Paul:

Politicians hate running for reelection and they have conspired at every opportunity to rig the political process. They invented extensive and complicated gerrymandering and campaign finance schemes they sold voters as necessary for “fair” elections. Their only goal has been incumbent protection at all cost.

Governments work better for the citizens when politicians are fighting among themselves. When they all get along the red flag of corruption is waiving.

...bribery or extortion is involved.

Too many of our politicians would end elections in a flash if they had the power to do that. They are afraid of the voters especially when they push extortionate taxation, over-regulation or curb our freedom. They all fear revolution as a reality.

My bromide: When a politician starts talking gun control, the correct question to be asked of him or her is, "Why? What have you done, are you doing, or are you planning to do that will make the law-abiding want to shoot you?"

Most of the time, it's obvious.

Gil said...

"There has bee no despotic dictator who loosened gun controls . . ."

Actually Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler come to mind.

"Cops take injured to hospital to while arresting the uninjured . . ."

I presume you're saying "you shoot a crim but the cops arrest you instead? Seriously?" In the real world the law doesn't follow the "cowboy justice" of the movie world and instead you have to show you were on the verge of sustaining seriously injury if not death before you can shoot someone. Surprise, surprise.

Mark Belk said...

I 2nd the motion on investing in GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA. They are whst every 2nd ammendment organization should be....UNCOMPROMISING.

iakobos said...

True, Hitler loosened gun rules for non-Jewish Germans. But the target of his future genocide, Jewish Germans, did have their right to keep and bear arms taken away.

Anonymous said...

Please tell your liberal congressmen and liberal friends to read The Founders' Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms by Stephen Halbrook.

Anonymous said...

A careful reading of the Second Amendment reveals that it does not confer the right to keep and bear arms. Rather, the preferatory phrase addresses the Militia and secondarily, and parenthetically, states that the preexisting right shall not be infringed.

The repeal of the Second Amendment does not abolish the right to keep and bear arms.

trutherator said...

Hitler did NOT let non-Jewish Germans exercise their self-defense rights. They passed gun control too.

And remember not just the compromising NRA, but the more consistent Gun Owners of America.

Unknown said...

Now that they are coming with forced vaccines for non-deadly Measles (after Andrew Wakefield was found innocent and the MMR vaccine is being revealed as highly dangerous), we can see why they wanted so desperately to take our guns first.

Anonymous said...

Hitler did not introduce gun registration measures, this was done already during the existence of the Weimar Republic.
Hitler expanded it in 1938, 5 years after taking power.

Step-by-step, just as it is happening in the US.

Anonymous said...

I loved your article. BTW, I am an in a way, a very avid Liberal. My father was a WW2 vet and a strong democrat. He hated the GOP as I do. I'm writing to you to let you know that my father and I are/were self reliant democrats-something that's sadly lacking in the democratic party. That's why I've bought 2 new rifles, because I believe the state doesn't have the right to tell me HOW to defend myself. I do think you are using a very broad brush in supposing that ALL liberals are against what I consisder basic common sense. I fully believe Gordon Duff of Veterans Today was right when he described American conservatives as "People who are very comfortable with having the absolute dregs of society rising to the very top of the political pyramid because that's the way it is in the Animal Kingdom." The GOP is the worst political party on the planet, bar none.

Anonymous said...

Eighty percent of the people in this nation want the same things, to further their opportunities and work to provide a better life for themselves and their families, without being harassed by government. The powers that are using the divide and conquer tactics, to cause friction and hostility between groups, whether they be political labels, race, gender, you name it. On our own each of us is virtually helpless against the power of government, but together we are force to be reckoned with.
I found this book very informative and constructive in finding a path that unites people to realize the power that we hold. "Waking the Sleeping Giant: How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals at Their Own Game"
Read it and spread the word.