Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Politicians Really Fear Mini-Camera Drones

DJI S900 with a Panasonic GH4 video camera
Phoenix, AZ—With the New technology of the ubiquitous mini camera drones, politicians fear losing dominant military power over the common man.
They know that ground observers and modern radar can’t see these things.  They also know that almost anyone can nearly invisibly, deploy a mini-drone to monitor the movement, armament and size of police and military assets on our streets.
That’s raw power that would allow ordinary citizens with conventional firearms to succeed in a rebellion against government tyranny.
Today we know that African-American thugs have effectively used cell-phones and texting to organize takeover mobs to rob retail establishments.  Until cell phones existed the police were the only ones to have superior instant communication with their walkie-talkies. 
Cell phone technology has given mobs advantages in recent instances of civil unrest.  Past civil insurrections such as the Rodney King of the 1980s or the Martin Luther King riots of the 1960s were put down because of superior police communications.  Those days may be over.
Government has quietly taken control of the cell phone and Internet on and off switches.   We will see that used when civil unrest become widespread.  Still there is no shortage of advanced and cheap wireless walkie-talkies that cannot be controlled so easily by the government.
The very first aircraft brought into military application was for simple and absolutely needed reconnaissance.  Unarmed airplanes facilitated tacktical battle management like never before.
Airplanes and wireless radio were and are considered dangerous military assets.  Now it’s little inexpensive drones that show significant promise to keep government tyranny in check.  
The power of intelligence gathering capabilities of the mini-drones is immense.  Imagine if one side of our Civil War had them?  Imagine how Custer’s troops could have used a mini-drone to see the Indians at the Little Big Horn.
I can’t help but imagine what a great tool the mini drone would have been for European Nazi resistance fighters of World War Two!   
Politicians will always fear civilian technological and firepower parity with the government and can be expected to stop that from happening.
They have waged a propaganda war against the civilian mini drones citing bogus public safety concerns.  The media has fallen on their sword here even though they need drones to survive their serious and ongoing financial crises. 
Laughably the FAA has suddenly changed their airspace regulation from reactive measures to proactive and preventative efforts.  They are suddenly giving the toy like mini drones with more attention than our 747 jumbo jets.
The FAA manned aircraft regulations were never a form of prior restraint policy.  Instead they quite literally are written in blood.  Every FAA regulation has a documented deadly mishap behind it.  That is except for the mini-drones.   Suddenly the FAA has sought Ill-informed prior restraint based rules based on Chicken Little style dire predictions to establish multi-rotor drone policy.
Despite numerous near miss claims there has never been a notable accident involving a multi-rotor camera drone inside the USA.  No lives lost, significant injury or even measureable property losses have been reported.  No photos, video or recovered drones have ever been displayed as evidence to back up the near miss assertions.
The FAA has actually restrained basic commerce and First Amendment protected use of the mini drones for creative art and newsgathering.  They’ve done that without a single documented death or even minimal property damage report. 
Suddenly privacy issues from the little camera drones is a “serious” concern at a time when surveillance cameras, satellite imagery and helicopter photography is commonplace and accepted by the courts.  
This is all a government sham.  The real issue is about despotic politicians keeping government might superior to civilians for absolute control.  As such it becomes obvious that the Second Amendment as well as the First Amendment now protects drones.
Ignorant Americans still somehow seem to think the Second Amendment was about hunting.  It was put in place to prevent government from exercising total control of Americans or seizing their hard won liberty. 
As for the drones, the Genie is out of the bottle.  The technology can’t be stopped.  They are easily made and programmed by hobbyists. There are upwards of a million of them already in civilian hands.
Thankfully regulating mini-drones beyond making hollow threats to do so is an impossible task.  Soon indoor pilots that can’t be readily seen will be able to operate the mini-drone.  The drones will be deployed from all manner of locations far away from the pilots. 
There is simply not enough tax funds or humans to exercise effective regulation of the mini drones on this earth. 
There are some 7000 helicopters to regulate and well over a million multi-rotor drones.  We know what’s safer to use for purposes like newsgathering.  The FAA will still play games and pretend the are concerned about real safety.

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