Thursday, February 05, 2015

NBC News Credo--We Make Up the News That We Want You to Believe.

Brian Williams and Josef Goebbels 
New York, NY—NBC News has like all the major networks have lost audience, revenue and credibility in recent years.
Make no mistake; the days of Walter Cronkite are long gone.  When Cronkite said, “And that's the way it is.” that had some real meaning.  Instead today it’s,  “that’s the way we want you to believe it is.”
It was Nazi propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels who said that,  “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.”  He used the new media of the day, radio to convince the German people that Adolf Hitler was their savior.  Of course if you heard it on the radio it must be true. 
Likewise Franklin Roosevelt fed Americans what he wanted them to believe in his infamous radio Fireside Chats.  
Soon it was TV that took on the role of indoctrinating the masses. But in the USA they made somewhat an early effort to avoid the Goebbels style of reporting news.
In recent decades NBC has reported all things from a Leftist slant and like the others major news organizations.  They became the de facto Obama Administration’s public relations agency.  They’ve managed to cover-up scandal after scandal plaguing Obama.
We seem to have forgotten how relentlessly American TV news destroyed Richard Nixon on the Watergate Scandal.  The difference was Nixon was a Conservative and was naturally targeted by the Left leaning media.
Now in a senseless moment of stolen valor the NBC News primary news anchor claimed to be in a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq.  That fable took on a life of it’s own but was exposed as being so much baloney.  
Williams apologized suggesting that he misspoke mitigating it like it was some unintended teleprompter error.  In a real world where the truth matters NBC would have removed him the second he crossed the line. 
It remains to be seen what NBC does but they all know that the news media has seen instance after instance where news stories have been invented, slanted and fictionalized.  Do they even care at this juncture?
Williams is the masthead of NBC.  NBC is on a steep decline anyway so whatever they do will be too little and too late to save the network’s reputation.
Similar issues came up with CBS and their former anchor Dan Rather. Rather was spreading libelous propaganda targeting George W. Bush but when he was caught red-handed CBS had to show him the door.
If you see it on TV you can bet it’s a lot of things, but truth is not necessarily one of them.
For those that call themselves journalists and take that role seriously Williams is now as toxic as they come.  

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