Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So You Want to Learn How to use an Unmanned Aircraft, Helicopter, or Quadcopter in Los Angeles? Sergio of Pirofilprc in Van Nuys Will Help You!

Sergio Marachilian
Los Angeles, CA—a close friend that is a long time pilot for American Airlines and before that TWA turned me on to this new hobby.  I have always loved photography and photographers always want to get the best view and angle. 
Arial photography was nearly always out of the question because of the high costs involved.   There are other issues such as; helicopters can’t always get into tight spaces.  Helicopter crashes can be catastrophic but a mishap with the new generation quadcopters almost never causes injury or property damage.  These new drones seem to escape any significant damage should they crash into something! 
Modern brushless electric motors and advanced batteries have radically changed the remote control world.  A whole new Galaxy of model planes, boats, cars helicopters and quadcopters is here.  They once were toys really; they seemed to have little value beyond frivolous entertainment. Not anymore at least for people like me. 
Quadcopters are relatively easy to pilot.  This like the entire never-ending onslaught of new technology provides a learning curve and challenges that is always easier to overcome if you have the right kind of help.
A new generation of tiny Unmanned Arial Vehicles have arrived!  At almost at the same time great video and digital cameras have been made incredibly small and weigh little.  It was a marriage made in heaven!  Quadcopters and little cameras work so well together!  
I could not help myself; I just had to get one!  I went online and got mine fro B&H Photo in New York. They are a reputable outfit but helping you learn about the Blade 350 quadcopter is not one of their better qualities. 
Reading instruction manuals written by engineers with language issues along with the fact they are not nor have they ever been writers sometimes fails.  There are lots of instructional videos on YouTube.  Some of them are very good and others are not.   It can be a tough jungle to navigate alone.  I was suddenly in possession of a Blade 350 Quadcopter and a GoPro Hero3+ camera and I was chomping at the bit to get it in the air.
The day came in just after Christmas for the maiden flight of my little Blade 350 quadcopter. I found out there is a remote flying field in Van Nuys.  It’s a great place because of the wide-open space but also there are lots of people that share this hobby.  They help each other with technical problems and field repairs.  My airline pilot friend was with me but he has a different brand quadcopter and it powered up differently than mine.
Getting my little quadcopter in the air was a little tricky.  Most of the people around me were hesitant to hand out advice because of timing there were not that many Blade 350’s out on the street yet.  At the flying field someone pointed out a fellow to me and said, “That’s Sergio over there and he can help you! He owns a hobby shop!”
I went over to this gentleman and had to wait my turn to meet him.  He was something of a celebrity and most of the people either knew him or about him.  Sergio it turned out was the real deal.
I introduced my self to, Sergio Marachilian, the owner of Pirofilprc located at 16205 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA.  His shop is just a few blocks from the flying field.  I told Sergio I needed help and he responded by helping me and quickly got my gizmo in the air handing the radio transmitter over to me.  I was suddenly flying!  Sergio was helping a total stranger that he knew bought his quadcopter from somebody else!  That was indeed very kind and generous!
I have visited Sergio’s shop now several times and no matter how busy he is, he’s incredibly helpful.  He takes his time with those customers that are beginners like me.  He is a born teacher.  Sergio has won me over as a customer in a big way.  This fellow has great people skills and is a savvy businessman.  Sergio knows that guys like me won’t be stealing all his time because they will become proficient in this technology.   They will continue patronize his shop for all their future needs. Additionally Sergio builds and rebuilds all manner of remote controlled devices.
If this hobby is for you and you’re in Van Nuys pay a visit to Sergio’s shop.  He’s also on the web at:


Anonymous said...

Sergio is helpful to everyone! He gets my business, I just wish I could spend more $$$ on this fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Pablo Lewin Productions eh? The video looks so much more professional than your usual stuff, no offense by the way. Good job getting a pro to make your vids.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Pablo is a first-rate cinematographer and video editor. The fun fact here is that this is one of several video templates that you get free with iMovie. They are very easy to use and insert video with and make anyone look terrific. The templets have a cetprtain sizzle to them.