Sunday, April 13, 2014

Go With Le Flow, a Film Review

Mariba Senckl (Jenny) and Lusia Wietzorek(Gabi)

Denis Aubert (Florian) and Roberta Bianchini (Tina)

Denis Aubert (Florian) and his Vespa
Los Angeles, CA—Many of my European friends are involved in filmmaking, acting and music.  Musician and film producer, Robyn Rosenkranz, recently contacted me.   She advised me that one of my Facebook friends; Gregor Marvel had a part in a film she produced in my favorite city, Berlin with her film director, screenwriter and musician husband, Michael Glover.
Rosenkranz invited me to a three-day "Blue Carpet" event in Los Angeles and that was enough for me!  I wanted to check out the film if for no other reason, I just like the excitement associated with film premiers.
Glover and Rosenkranz are themselves a study in grand adventure and risk-taking.  These two creative geniuses began in L.A. by selling all but their guitars and the clothes on their backs.   They booked one-way tickets to Europe.  Ever since, they’ve been giving concerts, selling CDs and now have five feature films under the name of Bright Blue Gorilla, behind them. 
The premier event began with a mixer and I was able to chat with some great kids that flew in from Berlin for this event and to take a tour while they were in the USA. 
The actual program began with a musical concert by this creative pair behind the entire event.  This was a really fun opening for their film, Go With Le Flow.
The film is set in beautiful Berlin with a somewhat heavy French influence.  It’s set in the Le Flo specialty store that peddles salami to its customers.  
The hero and shop owner is a character named Florian,  (Denis Aubert) who is both French and German.  Florian is a somewhat love-struck and confused soul who gets around Berlin’s landmarks via his Vespa motor scooter.  Aubert has a fun style that somehow reminds me of the late and great actor, Peter Sellers.
He thinks he is in love with one woman but poor Florian is in for some zany adventures as he clumsily pursues the object of his affection.  Of course there is another very delightful gal, Jenny (Marina Senckel) who loves Florian and also just happens to be his best friend but Florian is much too blind to notice.  I don’t want to put too many spoilers out there because you need to see this unfold yourself.
Glover’s writing is both very clever and hilarious.  The film is well shot with hand held cameras, which can be risky, however in this film it actually brought life to this movie putting the audience right there with the characters!
The film is subtitled in English.  That can be very tricky especially for a comedy.  Don’t ask me how Glover made it work so well considering he does not speak German!  None of the great gags were lost. 
The only thing I can say about this film is that it’s delightful fun!  The actors are well cast and they are all having fun and so will the audience.  The use of Berlin’s landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate made me homesick for this great city and it’s people.
The film will be premiering through April 24, at the Downtown Independent located 251 S Main Street in downtown Los Angeles.  The special opening events will continue Saturday night and Sunday afternoon ((April 12 & 13)  The website with further information is at:
Watch the trailer!

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