Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Has Political Correctness has Finally Killed America? The Donald Sterling Holocaust

Los Angeles, CA—80 year-old billionaire, lawyer, real estate developer and L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling was really just victimized by felonious unlawful electronic eavesdropping of a private conversation.  He made a bigoted sounding statement on that recording. 
Sterling himself is no stranger to bigotry.  Being Jewish has exposed this man to various forms of discrimination his entire life.   Jews are still considered the most despised group of people that ever walked the face of this earth.  Anti-Semitism is indeed ugly and no less offensive that any other forms of intolerance.
Ironically Sterling’s ownership of the Clippers makes him highly dependent on African-American basketball player’s personal excellence in order to realize a profit from his substantial investment in the team.  Such an investment is a sure sign that despite something said privately in a moment of frustration shows that Sterling actually embraces and values all the African-American players in his team.
Sterling’s offhand and illegally recorded remarks made to this married, old geezer’s much younger former girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano were and are offensive. 
Sterling remarked to Stiviano that he did not want her to bring blacks to the games.  Was Sterling referring to some specific blacks or every African-American?  Nobody seems to care; they just want to see Sterling treated like a War Criminal.
Most of us have said regrettable things at one time or another especially in private.  Did we really mean the things we said?  Thankfully we don’t always believe everything we say when we’re annoyed.  Too many of us don’t always choose our words as carefully as we should in public let alone in private.
The revelation of the audio recording of Sterling exploded within the media and African-American dominated sports world.  Many multi-millionaire African-American sports figures reacted like a bunch of whinny crybabies or sissies.  The media wildly fanned the flames with today’s divisive propaganda machine.
The same can be said of the professional Race-Baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson that live for TV news face-time condemning any and everything they can.  We seem to forget that that is exactly how they make their living.
We somehow lost sight of simple common sense and allowed this non-event to reach epic proportions of insanity.  So far, Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million.  Some still want to see this fellow forced to sell his team.

Adding more injury to this insult is that the gutless wonders at UCLA refused a $3 million donation from Sterling for much needed kidney research.  How many lives will that cost in the name of political correctness? Somehow I smell Janet Napolitano's involvement here.
In the end this event has done nothing to improve race relations but it has only made things worse.  Whatever happened to simple forgiveness?   I guess that old saying,  “Sticks and stones” has lost all relevance. This is a sad time for a dying nation. 

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