Thursday, April 17, 2014

Famed Film Director Bryan Singer Named in Lawsuit for Child Sexual Assault.

Film Director Bryan Singer
Los Angeles, CA—The civil complaint filed yesterday in the U.S. District Court of Hawaii  alleges that director Bryan Singer sexually assaulted Michael F. Eagan, III when he was only 14 or 15 on numerous occasions.  
Bryan Singer is a well-established A-List director and screen writer behind such projects as X-Men, Valkyrie, The Usual Suspects and Superman Returns. 
Alleged drug, alcohol fueled Gay sex parties between teens and adults are salaciously and vividly detailed in the civil court complaint.  The complaint also describes threats involving firearms and locking the young Egan inside of a gun safe.
Eagan is described as an aspiring male model and actor in the complaint. 
The complaint alleges numerous acts of mutual oral copulation and anal sex attacks by Singer on Eagan.  These deeds were to have taken place in California at the sprawling mansion owned by known child molester, registered sex offender, Digital Entertainment Network Founder and Chairman, Marc Collins-Rector and also at the mansion of famed hair products mogul Paul Mitchell in Kailua, Hawaii.
It is obvious from the complaint that Eagan never reported the crimes to any police agencies.  A search of the Internet Movie Database did not list a single film of TV project in Eagan’s name.  The only thing we know for sure are numerous criminal convictions against Marc Collins-Rector and some of the nefarious goings on at his mansion.
This complaint against Singer is about money first and foremost.  It appears that the evidence will consist of a swearing contest between Eagan and Singer.  The standard of proof in a civil court is much lower than in a criminal court.  Winning such a case in court however is never a sure thing.
Will Eagan be viewed as a sympathetic victim and not as a well-paid male prostitute?  Will Singer be painted with the brush of a convicted pedophile business associate, Marc Collins Rector?  These questions and their answers will determine how this plays out in court.
Singer’s lawyer was unavailable for comment to me just yet.  
Singer will need an aggressive defense strategy or face what might be the end of a very brilliant career.  Being Gay in the Hollywood entertainment industry is no liability these days.  Being viewed as a child rapist is an entirely different matter.   
Frankly, I learned long ago that if the details of a false allegation are widely published people that know the truth are more likely to cooperate with defense investigators.  I can only hope the gifted writer and director is not ruined by false allegations. 
The actual court complaint reads like a really bad X-Rated Gay film script but I posted it below.   

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like nothing more than a money grab by the "victim". Who in their right mind would get raped and sexually abused and then continually return to the same place occupied by the same people? Makes no sense. On top of that, the police were not contacted and it went straight to a lawsuit. It's all about the $$$$$.