Friday, April 04, 2014

An American Patriot has Passed on, Rest in Peace Otis McDonald

Otis McDonald Left and Paul Huebl Right
Chicago, IL—I remember getting a call from a gun rights lawyer asking me if I knew any potential plaintiffs with pristine backgrounds and a need to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.  They were preparing a lawsuit to challenge Illinois ban on the carrying of weapons for self-defense.   
The candidates had to be legal residents of Illinois and be in possession of a valid FOID card.  I had some good candidates but these folks felt the publicity would endanger their jobs when their employers learned about the litigation and regretfully declined.   
Eventually a group of plaintiffs were properly vetted and the Second Amendment Foundation brought the lawsuit forward in the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois.   The case was vigorously fought all the way by the defendant, City of Chicago.  Millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted fighting a something that was settled earlier in the landmark Heller case. 
Otis McDonald’s name was chosen by lottery when the Supreme Court Clerk chose to title the case.  McDonald became the standard bearer of a case that reestablished the right of the people of Illinois and Chicago to not only keep arms but to bear them as well. 
Otis McDonald has passed away but thankfully not before seeing concealed weapons permits issued to law-abiding folks living and working within the city limits of Chicago.  
I’m proud of Otis as I am all of the patriots that stood up and became plaintiffs and very public guardians of American freedom and Liberty.  Otis McDonald, Rest in Peace sir you will not be forgotten. 

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RIP and Thank You!!!