Sunday, September 01, 2013

Liberals Were Mistaken About Barack Obama, He’s Not One of Them

Washington, DC- George W. Bush was a lot of things but a Conservative was not one of them.  Americans are ignorant and assume what they are told but more importantly what they want to believe.  
Labels such as Republican or Democrat are meaningless anymore.  What happened was that areas of the country that are either heavily controlled by either of these parties spawned pretenders.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is an example. A Conservative has no chance to win an election so Left Wing politicians know that they can in effect create a second Primary Election by simply opting for a Republican label.  The strongest Left Winger wins in New Jersey and similar states.
The RINO (Republican In Name Only) is a pretender and they are able to win the votes of both Democrats and those Republicans that don’t understand the RINO phenomena. Often the RINO is even further Left than the Democratic candidate.
Among Democrats particularly in Bible-Belt areas of our nation, they have the so-called Blue Dog Democrats that are often really Conservatives. 
As for Barack Obama he was the stranger with the vaguest and nebulous agendas ever.  He offered Hope and Change.  He also said he would fundamentally change America.  Since Obama was Black and viewed as a Liberal they wanted to and still do believe Obama was somehow one of them.   Obama has his own ideas and they are a lot of things but traditionally Liberal is just not one of them.
Liberals traditionally have a platform that:
1.     Zealously protects citizen’s privacy
2.     Rejects Capital Punishment
3.     Protects the working man’s job and standard of living
4.     Full due process and the fair trials for those accused in our in courts
5.     That the disabled’s needs are met
6.     That the poor have real education, job training and a future
7.     Healthcare for everyone
8.     Protected retirement funds for every worker
Obama has simply failed in helping meet any traditional Liberal goals.  Instead he has achieved the following:  
. .     Taxation and over-regulation killed millions of jobs.
2.     NDAA, ending Posse Comitatus, NSA domestic spying have absolutely murdered American’s privacy, due process rights while broadening the Patriot Act and the TSA’s Unlawful searching
3.     Obamacare cannot be realized without nearly full employment so now things are worse than ever
4.     Educated and skilled workers can’t find jobs
5.     Social Security is obviously doomed
6.     We now have a Police State in every respect
7.     Pushing so-called immigration reform gives illegal immigrants job preference over America’s own under-employed and poor while opening our entitlement s to all of Mexico and central America.

The only thing Barack Obama has accomplished is dividing America, killing millions jobs and bringing this nation into a pending Armageddon.
Americans have been fleeing their birthplace and renouncing their citizenship at record levels.  Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President has broadened our wars far beyond that of George W. Bush.  Obama has brought America to its knees without ever missing his constant world-class vacations or golf outings 
As for American’s privacy the only success Obama has had is keeping his own passport, educational, birth, Social Security, Illinois State Bar records and our Whitehouse visitor logs away from prying eyes. 
Today even our staunchest Liberals are beginning to admit Obama’s direction is not what they envisioned.  Many of them have abandoned Obama.  More and more African-Americans are discovering Obama’s constant lies and betrayals.
Is Barack Obama so incompetent or did he purposely set out to destroy America and our way of life?   Obama is a fraud in every respect.  Obama is far worse than Benedict Arnold, Alger Hiss, Aldrich Ames and the Rosenbergs.   Barack Obama must be arrested, tried, convicted and punished for Treason. 


Indy Reasoner said...

Did you notice that in an older tradition, both parties and "both" political points of view are to the far right? Fans of war, fans of big government, enemies of freedom and privacy.

There are a few Republican politicians who lean to an older traditional left, now known as libertarian, Jeffersonian. Then there is a huge "counterculture" (actually we are in a more American traditional mainstream) in the grass roots that are in this line. Hence, the "alternative media."

What I don't understand is how the one mainstream political viewpoint that has vestiges of this is called "conservative." Actually, wait: I do understand it. There has been a concerted effort to restrict mainstream thinking towards the big government direction, i.e., to the right.

The Jeffersonian point of view is freedom and personal accountability, self-government and self-reliance.

I only say these things in support of what you said: our political class is generally corrupted, infiltrated and as a result, repugnant.

I agree that criminal charges as you stated should start being handed out. But in much larger quantity than you indicated.

Anonymous said...


Your thesis here that no one could be as incredibly incompetent as the current president and that therefore his mistakes must be acts of sabotage is not without merit but I think you are failing to give consideration to all those who have profited by his many mistakes. When one considers all those who have lined their pockets as a result of one blunder after another a different picture emerges. One of a man without any ethical inhibitions whatsoever who is in the employ of powerful interests and willing to do whatever is necessary to please his masters.

In the person of our president we have a man who never accomplished anything significant in his entire life. While I firmly believe you are correct that he hates our country and would do anything in his power to injure it I believe that the majority of his actions are motivated to profit his political patrons and that he himself is incapable of causing any significant harm if left to his own devices. He is an idiot and reveals that fact every time he speaks off his script.

I couldn’t agree more that he should be punished for his crimes but his prosecution would be meaningless unless those who promoted him are punished as well.

JeremyR said...

Paul, I'm in nearly full agreement with you except from my perspective, the liberals have never given a darn about the working man unless he was a union man. They have always opposed right to work which empowers the individual outside the union,and as far as retirement, the want that under the control of their people, either the unions or big banks, so they have it to use and dispose of as needed.
Good points all, Blacks need to see him for who he really is, a dark skinned arab who serves the interests of the muslims who view negro's as an inferior group. Whe nthey arabs conquered regions in Africa, they selected the beautiful women, and nubile boys for slaves in Arab lands. Those boys were castrated, and most perished from that. The big strong ones who appeared to be violent, were sld to the American slave traders, or killed for sport. ObamAA- views them the same as his ancesteral arabs. They are being used and abused. That also explains why he is mum about black on black crime, and black on white crime. It serves his goal, America in disarray, ripe for muslim plunder.

Anonymous said...

"he Obama administration has refused to prosecute elite bank fraudsters even when their crimes threaten our national security. The administration announced the infamous “too big to prosecute” doctrine in refusing to indict HSBC, its officers, or even its former officers for massive felonies that continued for over a decade.

If one believes the administration’s findings, HSBC posed a far graver threat to U.S. national security than did the claimed chemical weapon attack in Syria.

HSBC helped terrorists evade U.S. financial sanctions, helped Iran evade financial sanctions, and aided one of the most violent drug gangs in the world. The drug gang has killed more people than the presumed chemical attack in Syria.

If Obama believes Obama, then the purpose of HSBC and Standard Chartered aiding Iran to avoid sanctions was to aid one of the most dangerous governments in the world develop nuclear weapons.

If Obama believes Obama, the nuclear weapons are to be used against the “Great Satan” (the U.S.) and Israel. HSBC’s officers did all of this for the basest of purposes – to make themselves wealthy.

The logic that President Obama urged on us in his August 31 address to the Nation to explain why he believes we must launch a military attack on Syria is far more compelling in the context of requiring that Obama abandon his continuation of Bush’s policy of refusing to prosecute the elite white-collar criminals who led the accounting control frauds that drove the financial crises. There are no good answers available to the United States even if we are able to establish that the Syrian government deliberately launched a chemical weapon attack on its own civilians. Any military action we take has an excellent chance of making the world a worse place and harming our national interests. Many of the opposition forces to the Syrian government, should they come to power, are capable of being more vicious than the Assad government in attacking Syrian civilians and potentially the United States. Instead of deterring terror, a U.S. attack on Syria could greatly increase terror.

More at:

Lisa H said...

Many on the left agree with your analysis but are often put off by the odd turn it takes when it turns conspiratorial.

The reason why Obama is a horrible president is because he is simply continuing Bush's horrid agenda. Bush and his cabal were the architects of this wretched agenda; Obama is only following it.

Obama did not have any executive skills and experience. Even a mayoral position would have made him a much better president.

Still, would McCain have been better? McCain's insane Neo-Con nonsense is more and more providing evidence of his mental instability. Obama is letting himself be bullied by these marginal warmongers. With multiple economic domino tippers, multiple war fronts and a desire to leave a legacy, bad decision making is almost a given.

Considering that there is little to no difference between Bush and Obama's political outcomes, it becomes clearer and clearer with some intellectual objectivity that the position itself is corrupting. Almost all of our representatives are bought and paid for. It matters little what party may say that they subscribe to - the outcomes will be the same regardless.

Unknown said...

Obama is a "progressive", not a liberal. Most Americans have no clue about the fundamental differences between the two. This piece does an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

I am as liberal as they come and anyone paying attention knew long before the election that he was no liberal.....He owed his election go corporate donors just like pretty much every other politician. But of course nowadays anyone left of John Birch is called a liberal. Glad those of you on the right are finally figuring out that Obama sure isn't one of us. But there is no how he is worse than Bush. Of course now those to the right of center claim they either they never supported BushCo or that he wasn't that bad.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see people here who fancy themselves thinking adults, finding comfort in the claim that "Obama is no worse than Bush". That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee and a totalitarian dictatorship. It doesn't matter, nor is this the point of the article. BOTH serve the same behind-the-scenes interests and who does it better or worse is a moot and childish point. ALL need to be held to account, and those who cannot formulate clear and rational assessments of this reality from under their bogus political labels should simply shut up and get out of the way of those who can, so that we can save this sinking ship while the opportunity still exists. BOTH Bush and Obama are war criminals, usurpers, liars and conmen. Anyone prepared to deal in this reality is urged and welcomed to raise awareness and push for the appropriate punishment. Those of you who want to sit at the kids table and debate labels and talking points would be wise to do just that. The adults have REAL work to do...

Anonymous said...

The refusal to admit that yes, Virginia, there IS a conspiracy, and that they are playing the Left and Right like violins is missing in these comments. The Rockefellers and their internationalists are behind it. Wise up or become slaves. Obama was chosen decades ago, and his grandparents had CIA connections. No, the CIA was never intended to be an anti-communist intelligence-gathering group. It is a tool of the internationalists to kill, confuse and confound. If the Left was right about the CIA since the 60s, the John Birch Society was right about a conspiracy. When the Left sheds its hubris and the Right its stubbornness about hippies, we might have some common ground. And 911 was an inside job.

Anonymous said...

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange: our new heroes

As the NSA revelations have shown, whistleblowing is now an essential art. It is our means of keeping 'public reason' alive

In 1843, the young Karl Marx claimed that the German ancien regime "only imagines that it believes in itself and demands that the world should imagine the same thing". In such a situation, to put shame on those in power becomes a weapon. Or, as Marx goes on: "The actual pressure must be made more pressing by adding to it consciousness of pressure, the shame must be made more shameful by publicising it."

This, exactly, is our situation today: we are facing the shameless cynicism of the representatives of the existing global order, who only imagine that they believe in their ideas of democracy, human rights etc. What happens in WikiLeaks disclosures is that the shame – theirs, and ours for tolerating such power over us – is made more shameful by publicising it. What we should be ashamed of is the worldwide process of the gradual narrowing of the space for what Kant called the Immanuel "public use of reason".
we need a new international network to organise the protection of whistleblowers and the dissemination of their message. Whistleblowers are our heroes because they prove that if those in power can do it, we the people and we the public can also do it.