Saturday, September 07, 2013

On The Red Oscars Carpet or in The Combat Zone, TV Reporter Stephanie Stanton Shines

Los Angeles, CA—Chicago area native Stephanie Stanton does TV news.  I worked with this reporter in Phoenix where she covered the entire gamut of local TV news.  Whether it was covering a shooting or some fire or accident Stephanie always shined.
These days Stephanie is reporting for Al Jazeera America’s new cable news network venture.  I caught up Stephanie today in the middle of a hectic and boisterous anti-War demonstration.  With the demonstrators pushing yelling and acting up right behind her Stanton never missed a beat.  She got her interview and despite the heat and I never saw her sweat. 
I shot this somewhat wide view video below with a little GoPro camera that shows what TV viewers never see at home.  The audio from my camera got the overall noise from the demonstrators.  Imagine if you will the challenges the photographers must meet in order to give you crisp clean audio under the worst possible conditions.
Demonstrations in every city are somewhat peculiar.   In my experience as a cop and a newsman I don’t care what the cause is it’s always the same people mugging for the cameras holding signs and such.  It appears that for some people attending demonstrations is a hobby and a way to socialize.
It was fun visiting with Steph today.  She can always be found right in the middle of the heavy action! 

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