Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jodi Arias and The Public Opinion True Crime Train-wreck and Reinvestigation

Phoenix, AZ--The Name Jodi Arias provokes a lot of emotion from TV court watchers and alike. Unfortunately the TV only covers the trial and not the evidentiary issues of evidence and its admissibility that was hashed out away from the cameras at pre-trial hearings. Often the rulings judges make are destined to become the basis for new trials in that the jury should have heard relevant evidence excluded by the judge.

I have found that many women in particular hate Arias and want to actually kill her themselves. More men seem to be sympathetic but I'm sorry but it's difficult for me to gauge innocence or guilt based on what's shown on TV or even to a trial jury.

On it's face the killing of Travis Alexander seems to be at best justifiable and at worse a lesser degree of murder or even manslaughter. I cannot see this as a death penalty case.  By conventional standards the fatal injuries themselves seem to show incredible anger and passion. None of us were there and we can't know for sure. I also refuse to rule out justifiable homicide until I can investigate this mess.  The redundant stabbing seems to me to be an act of wild passion or a really fierce fight.

The trial was a shameful,media driven farce.  TV pundits were presiding over the case rather than Judge Sherry Stephens. The Prosecutor, Juan Martinez was a wannabe celebrity basking in the footlights of the courtroom that was transformed into a theater.  Ive seen this before and it was a disgraceful example of American justice.

The interest in this sad case was off the charts and people without apparent lives took up sides and verbally battled like gladiators.  The high emotion and bizarre behavior by court watchers cheering for a death penalty sentence was particularly sickening at least to me.

Many of my blog visitors want me to reinvestigate this.  I do believe that a new defense investigation may well be worthwhile.  What I find shocking and sad is the hateful court watchers that can't stand that idea.  I ask, what if new evidence is found that discredits the conviction?  Is that somehow a bad thing?

I don't know if funds will be raised by Arias' supporters.  I have to ask is it anybody's business if the case get's reinvestigated and new evidence is found but the court's?

Reinvestigation of the Arias case will take exhaustive work and I'd expect to have to deal with many hostile and angry people.  I have no emotional reaction to this mess.  If I investigate the chips will fall where they may.  Either evidence will be found or not. Is looking for evidence to get to the truth somehow a bad thing?

If funds are not raised believe me I won't feel deprived because I'd expect this case to be more challenging and difficult than most. I have agreed to take it on only if retained to do so and that would obligate me to do what I do best, criminal defense investigation. 


Carl R. Toersbijns said...

If you opt to take this case, it will be filled with obstacles and passion for this crime has somehow triggered a resentment for the woman that almost drives the need to justify putting her to death. Good luck Paul and I support your either way.. You do great work and if retained will find more than those that investigated the case from the beginning.

geebee2 said...

Thanks Paul for you interest.

I believe that the evidence is almost entirely in place in the court record.

It is partly a matter of correctly interpreting the photographic blood evidence with a credible expert witness, and refuting the completely wrong state theory.

An actual reconstruction of what actually occurred is very interesting, since it involves a combination of physical evidence and psychological evidence (due to acute stress amnesia), but is probably not required.

The only extra evidence needed really concerns the Walmart return, which is not difficult, and I suspect is already in hand.

The evidentiary hearing will be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that she has already been convicted and is currently waiting for re-trial only regarding the sentence, isn't this putting the cart before the horse? It is possible that a deal will be made in the upcoming hearing whereby Arias might not be able to appeal. My personal belief is that she does not deserve the DP, but if that should happen I would imagine your services could definitely be used then. Can you explain what the benefits are to reinvestigating prior to the sentencing? Thank you. /KA