Thursday, September 05, 2013

A New Toy For Private Eyes, filmmakers and TV News Producers--The Blade 350 QX

Blade 350 QX  Quad-Copter with a GoPro Camera Mounted 
Los Angeles, CA—As a PI, TV news producer and filmmaker I’m always looking for new, quick and effective ways of quality image and video making. 
Arial shots were always expensive because rotor or fixed wing aircraft was necessarily involved.  You got a one-time look for a lot of cash. 
Satellite imagery was available but not on the Internet.  You had to buy expensive and often incomplete stock images from NASA. 
The first game changer was Google earth that provided great images from most areas of dry land in the world.  The photo resolution was kind of so-so and the images are not regularly updated.
Now there is the latest Gee Wiz video-making device ever!   It’s the Blade 350 QX offered by B&H PHOTO 1-800-221-5743 when combined with the popular GoPro cameras is amazing .  They are those new and rather small, easy to operate Quad-Copters that are battery powered and operated by remote control.
The little drone can be driven to any location and deployed in the air within a minute.  It will fly 1000 feet high or higher than our tallest buildings and as much as a mile in any direction.  The very quiet little GoPro camera can shoot a series of high-resolution still photos or 1080p high definition video.
The GoPro can transmit video on a several second delay to an iPad or iPhone so the operator can see just what he’s captured.  Currently the devices are limited by battery to 10 minutes flying time.  However keeping several extra charged batteries on hand could extend that time.
The video can be imported and edited on all current software programs with ease.  
For tiny budget filmmakers this is a dream come true.  You can get those breathtaking aerial shots without breaking the bank. 
For TV news organizations this is an incredible tool.   The operator can simply drive near any crime, fire or accident scene and from blocks away from the dreaded yellow tape safely capture the action unobtrusively from 25 or 75 meters above. 
For the smaller TV markets with limited budgets helicopters are out of the question.  With the Quad-Copter cameras they can now do what was formerly impossible. 
For private eyes the possibilities are endless.  For search and rescue work difficult to inspect areas are a snap for this equipment.
Then there are roofers, real estate sales people and others that would benefit from the use of a Quad-Copter Camera.   The need for repetitive and dangerous ladder climbs has all but ended.
The legality of this device and its uses are under review by the FAA.  Currently there are no discernible restrictions for use by hobbyists. 
These wonderful machines will be flying off store shelves later this month.  They are being marketed by B&H PHOTO  The price to obtain this machine is $469.99.
The GoPro Hero3 Black edition camera runs an additional $400.00 and they are available at or thousands of retailers like Target.
I sent out a nationwide dragnet to get one of these machines for evaluation and review and can't wait to show my visitors this thing in action. Let's hope I can beat the target delivery date with some videos.  
Below are some videos that show this marvelous machine in action:

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Ed Skinner said...

Incredible platform for about $1K.

Even with the various modes, though, it'd be time (and money) well spent to get some flying lessons from an expert and then spend some hours working technique.