Saturday, July 06, 2013

I Wrote a Song about a Man Named Karol and Now They're Making him a Saint!

Sue Ann Pinner is a gifted soprano and a dear friend. Together we created Illumination a biographical song about Pope John Paul II.

I’m not really sure how I got involved with this since I’m the kind of Catholic that only seems to remember the importance of religion when my medical examinations get those nasty little red flags or the chips are down.

For me Pope John Paul, II is special. I’ve actually seen him four times. Twice he appeared at my home on the street where I lived and he actually looked up and waived at me. Twice he blessed me from only several feet away. I made no special plans to see the Pope he simply came to me. These things happened as John Paul II was the most traveled Pope in history and made numerous visits to the USA.

Yet another “Pope factor” is that I have another dear friend and that’s Golden Globe and Emmy winning actress, singer and dancer, Ann Jillian. Both Pinner and Jillian are devout Catholics. On September 16, 1987 Pope John Paul II presided over a Mass at L.A.’s Dodger Stadium. Among various singers there were two soloists that sang for the Pope, Ann Jillian and Sue Ann Pinner. Until I introduced them to each other nearly 20 years later these talented ladies never met. Now that’s another coincidence.

When John Paul, II died in 2005, he was the most popular religious leader ever in world history. His popularity crossed every religious and political line.

So one day after hearing a musical composition written by Pinner I suggested we create a biographical story song about this amazing leader of our time.

I have two of Sue Ann Pinner’s videos for you to enjoy. Illumination and a beautiful, haunting and surprising version of Amazing Grace are here for you to enjoy. Trust me, they will rock you!

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