Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HELP! HELP! HELP! I need help from my pals!

Amsterdam, NL-KLM Airlines is running a contest for videos where people like me have to pronounce the Dutch translation of Royal Dutch Airlines.  I know that there is nearly always humor in watching people struggle through pronouncing words and phrases. It’s a cute marketing idea.  I have entered the contest and I MUST win!
More importantly the Netherlands is a terrific summer destination that offers terrific art, culture, flowers and food.  There are historical places everywhere and the World Court is at the Haag.  The Dutch worked very hard to protect victims of Nazi tyranny during the war and nothing demonstrates that better than the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
Please watch my video below so that it gets lots of hits.   I’d love doing some video blog stories from there.  I will also try and get a video interview of my favorite actress Carice van Houten too while I’m there.
Okay Please  watch and share my video below so often I can win my trip.


Harvest said...

I can see u already in Amsterdam!!!

Harvest said...

I can see u already in Amsterdam Paul!!!

Deek said...

Nobody loves Amsterdam and KLM more than you, Paul. Go go go!

Anonymous said...

Very cute dude! Ya-bo! Hold the mustard!

Anonymous said...

Wait til you get there, before visiting the coffee house!