Sunday, July 07, 2013

Dutch Actress Carice Van Houten and Social Media Promotion

Carice van Houten
Amsterdam, NL—The incredibly delightful actress and singer Carice van Houten manages to stay close to her fans and distant friends through Social Media.  
Van Houten is the product of terrific parents that raised their two talented daughters with the arts in one of the better places on earth, Holland.   Aside from being absolutely gorgeous she is an incredibly gifted actress.  The younger sister Jelka van Houten, also a real looker has her own promising career going as an actress and singer.
Van Houten really understands and interprets music through her singing.  She’s not a classic soprano but a songstress that knows how to sing well with the voice she was given by our creator.  Van Houten’s personal favorites come from a wide range of music that transcends all ages and categories.  
Recently van Houten released, SEE YOU ON THE ICE, which is a compilation of original songs in English.  It’s available on iTunes and I play it tirelessly and enjoyably in my car.  My favorite cut is called Particle of Light that is a great duet with a UK, transgender singer, Antony Hegarty.
I really envy Van Houten’s language skills.  In Black Book she acted in English, German, Dutch and Yiddish!  She has worked so hard making her accent unnoticeable to native speakers.  Of course when acting she employs a dialect coach. 
I understand the effort involved since I learned to speak German after spending 18 months in Germany as an Army medical corpsman.  Today I’m still fluent however I’m not at the level I was back then.   Americans are generally really weak with languages and too often even in their native English! 
American audiences have seen van Houten in Valkyrie and that popular HBO series Game of Thrones.  Van Houten won the role of a lifetime playing a heroic member of the Dutch Underground in Director Paul Verhoeven’s  WWII thriller, Black Book that was based on a true Story.  That film is a must see and is available on Netflix.  Black Book is my all time favorite film.
Van Houten has a manager who is also a first rate promoter and photographer, Janey van Ierland of Nummer19 in the Netherlands.  She has a sharp agent at Creative Artists Agency, Tracey Brennan in L.A.  I do hope they get her into some blockbuster American films where she belongs.   Even with top-flight representation, van Houten seems to have a gift for effective self-promotion.
Van Houten is set to play Greta Garbo in a biopic she will be co-producing.  She also has an amazing resemblance to the very private Swedish film star.   Van Houten oozes absolute elegance just like Garbo did. 
Recently in L.A. van Houten agreed to be a guest on a live-streamed Internet video show with host David “Nuzzy” Nussbaum.  Considering he was simply a follower/friend on van Houten’s Twitter account, catching her was quite a coup for his show.  Now, if only I could score her for a video interview for this blog.
Van Houten is a huge fan of the animated TV show, THE SIMPSONS and got herself invited to a taping session with the voice-over actors during her last trip to L.A. for the premier of Game of Thrones third season.
Van Houten has a precious gift for her world and the blood, sweat and tears she has put into her work so we can enjoy it with her.

Van Houten regularly contributes to Twitter and loves to produce delightfully clever, intimate and tasteful six-second videos on her iPhone for  You can follow Van Houten @caricevhouten on Twitter.   She will direct you to her latest video, favorite music and her very lucky little Teddy Bear named, Edward, XXI.  


Carl R. Toersbijns said...

Great to hear about Dutch talent and individuals such as Carice. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Since I first read about the movie Black Book on this blog I've been looking for it and was always unable to find it, even on NetFlix. The other day my wife was watching TV and happened to have the onscreen menu up when I came into the room and I saw Black Book listed on the Independent Film Channel. I immediately set the DVR to record it and watched it last night. What an outstanding movie! It is rather long, but it keeps you glued to the screen the whole time. Thanks for bringing this wonderful movie to our attention.