Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Illinois Law on Concealed Weapons Does Little to Comply With The Law of The Land.

Chicago Plaintiff Otis McDonald is on the Right at the U.S. Supreme Court. 
Chicago, IL—For decades Illinois politicians have violated the rights of citizens to keep and carry firearms guaranteed by our Second Amendment.  Ban after ban has been put in place and with each new restriction crime skyrockets.  Unconstitutional gun laws have protected the thugs, thieves, rapists and killers of The Land of Lincoln.
First it was Heller vs. D.C and then it was McDonald vs. Chicago the courts reaffirmed gun rights but the plaintiffs in those cases won’t live long enough to enjoy their rights because of obstructionist delays by tyrannical politicians that are apparently above the law of the land.
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the gun carry ban and ordered Illinois to allow law-abiding citizen’s rights restored.  The politicians grappled with the idea and failed.  The finally passed a confusing 168-page law laced with Gun Free Zones everywhere.  If any gun carrier were to guess wrong a jail cell would be waiting for them.  Frankly the new law cures little.
In addition to all the obscure Gun Free Zones are endless delays in implementing the system and actually issuing the permits.  Otis McDonald is a senior citizen and may not survive long enough to get his gun permit that he and the other plaintiffs won in court.   That goes double in the most dangerous city in America where he still can’t legally protect himself.
Mary E. Shepard and the Illinois State Rifle Association filed the original lawsuit demanding Illinois follow the law of the land using the Supreme Court cases as authority.  They won but there's no end to the shenanigans the defendant politicians have invented to obstruct, delay and disobey the Court;s order. We have two new court motions dealing with the same controversy.
One is by the plaintiffs complaining that the new law is in violation of the courts order and intention to restore gun liberty.  The law has built in bogus delays and is loaded with impermissible bans.  They are asking to enjoin the entire mess of old and new law making the state’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card a defacto Concealed Weapons Permit.
The second is a request to dismiss the entire action by the offending politicians claiming that the new Concealed Weapons Law cures the requirements of the Court’s decision and therefor the lawsuit should be dismissed.  I assume that Illinois Attorney General has been smoking crack if she really believes any of the crap she wrote.   Both new motions are below. 

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