Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why I Hate The Voice TV Show

Los Angeles, CA—Hate is a strong word especially when it comes to music.  I love music and enjoy watching talented unknowns struggling to make a living as singers and musicians.  The TV show, The Voice is total crap.
There was American Idol, and all the copycats.  TV producers are doing anything they can to hook audiences.  Thank God for the remote control!  Like most folks I avoid the TV wasteland but sometimes I have the TV on just because it’s there.   
For me The Voice is unwatchable. It begins with the show’s judges sitting in those ridicules red chairs spinning like tops.  The set is a light show that detracts from the performers and they art they each try to bring to the stage. They spend far more time teasing the audience with the promise of a show than actually entertaining. 
The introductions are way too long and the judges interaction between themselves and the performers is non-stop mindless chatter.  They need to let the performers perform, vote and move on.  I consider the commercials more entertaining then the show.
My mindless fellow Americans see to support this show so I hope they actually enjoy it.  I wonder if I’m in some strange minority for hating, The Voice.

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