Sunday, December 30, 2012

The New York Journal is Endangering The Innocent By Publishing Gun Owner Data

Yep, I'm a gun owner standing here with a loaded S&W .44 Magnum.  I must ask," Do ya feel lucky punk?  Well do ya?" 
Phoenix, AZ—I personally wrote no less that 14 bills to legalize the carrying of concealed weapons in Arizona.  There was one bill for every year until it finally passed.   I relentlessly lobbied the Arizona Legislature along with Landis Aden from the Arizona State Rifle Association.  It was a long and challenging battle. 
I can remember the stiff opposition from even the Republican leadership.  The late Senator Jackie Steiner emotionally warned me, “Your bill will bring shootouts to every traffic accident in Arizona!”  I quietly informed the good Senator that Arizona law already allowed people to keep loaded guns in their automobile glove compartments.  Steiner vowed to do something about that but thankfully never followed up on the threat. 
I did not write the final bill that passed but it contained 90% of what I included in prior bills.  They left out just one important thing I always added.  That was a measure to prevent the release of permit information except to criminal justice agencies.
When the bill sans the data protection aspect was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee I quickly testified that any hit man, rapist or burglar could access the data as a public record to prepare for a deadly crime.  The committee saw the light and the final bill was amended to include the data protection and was passed and became law.
As each state enacted Right to Carry legislation many of them omitted the data protection and news reporters published this sensitive personal data.   Soon states took steps to protect these databases for obvious reasons.
Now in a move to embarrass, enrage and endanger gun owners the New York Journal published the entire gun owner database complete with a map to their homes.  Of course the data could be accessed just as the Journal did, but this news organization simply chose to enable and facilitate the criminal predators in the community.  Most common thugs are simply not clever enough to make a Freedom of Information request to government agencies.
Along the way the New York Journal also provided rapists, burglars and killers with a method to determine if their intended victims were unarmed and defenseless.  This reckless action by the New York Journal opens the door to serious unintended consequences. 
Politicians that hate gun rights like the idea of public accessible gun registration databases.  They want to see all gun owners marked with a scarlet letter.   However that scarlet letter tells the cowardly criminals to move on.  Those without the scarlet letter have become the endangered ones.   


Kilo4/11 said...

The whole FOI card, CC permit rigmarole is nothing but a means of letting government know who to target first if there's any hint of concerted anti-government action.

When I was born, you never needed to tell anybody you had or were buying a gun, and I never gave my permission for any of these permit laws. The NRA just sold the rest of us out by signing off on the FOI so its rich hunter/collector/hobbyist members could continue to indulge themselves. Meanwhile, the working stiff, (me, for example) especially one who (like me, again) remembers when we were truly free, can't afford guns, whose price is bid up by collectors, and can't abide the government nosiness anyway. I'm supposed to feel reassured that only the cops know I've got a gun?

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of a run for obama to be dictator of America. Everyone heard him tell the Russian pm that he needed more time to conduct buisness with him.

JeremyR said...

There is a funnypic on the internet of two houses with a sign saying something like "Ny neighbor does not believe in the right to keep and bear arms. I wouldn't want to offend him by defending him" That was somewhat funny, this isn't.
England and Australia have seen increases in home invasions, burglaries when the occupant is home. With the possible coming gun confiscation, we will see it here. New York may et it sooner, and maybe it would serve as a warning for the rest of the country. Likely though, it won't.

Injury Lawyer NYC said...

I totally agree. The lack of knowledge may curb the choice in victims because it becomes a russian roullette.

kilo4/11 said...

Check out this letter by a Marine vet of Afghan. This is the true skinny on gun registration.

No matter how you qualify it, the FOIC was the first, critical step step in laying the groundwork for gun confiscation. Like the setting up of the Federal Reserve system, which vested control of our currency in Wall Street, and the setting up of the IRS, which initially had very little power, but which now is a pure government terror outfit, gun registration has very likely sealed the doom of free gun ownership.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the USMC!

The above named Marine has more Honor, Courage and Commitment than the entire Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches combined!

God, Country, Corps!

Semper Fidelis Marines!

Anonymous said...

Via the Bilderbergs and especially Henry Kissenger's sponsorship, Obama is being groomed for the eventual(?) One World Order rule.

Anonymous said...

The Second Amendment IS the carry permit.You do not need a license or permit,it is not a DL(privelage) it is a RIGHT.