Thursday, December 06, 2012

Chicago Politician Swept UP By TSA Tyranny!

Sen. Donne Trotter's Police Booking Photo
Chicago, ILDemocratic State Senator Donne Trotter was taking a trip and placed his belongings on a conveyor belt to be X-Rayed by the soulless miscreants hired by the TSA.   Like many of us Trotter was mentally preoccupied with the trip and forgot a prohibited item in his bag.  Most of the time such items are simply cosmetics or some other harmless liquid.  This time however it was a Beretta .25 semi-automatic pistol.
The alarms went off and the cops responded and zero-tolerance kicked in and now Senator Trotter sits in a jail cell waiting a bond hearing before a judge on a Class Four Felony crime.
Trotter has consistently voted on the wrong side of gun rights issues including the right of law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons for self-defense.  The problem is the good Senator feels the need to carry a gun for his own personal protection.
Trotter found a loophole of sorts by getting under a security guard/private detective agency license as an employee.  With those credentials he can have some limited legal protection should he get caught with a gun.  He claimed to the TSA and police that he worked a shift the night before his trip as a guard.  
Let me be the first to say that I believe that story to be pure hogwash.  Trotter does not need to supplement his income as a poorly paid security guard.  He does however feel the need to make an excuse for packing the gun. 

Let’s take the little Beretta .25 under consideration.  It’s a gun barely suitable for any serious defense.  It’s woefully inadequate for security or a private armed security guard.  The gun is tiny and very concealable so he can hide it from the cops in most situations. 

Today Trotter is drinking the same poison he’s fed to the people of Illinois as a politician.  He was a front-runner for the Congressional seat vacated by another accused criminal Jessie Jackson, Jr.  There he could force the entire nation to the kind of tyranny he has experienced during the last 24 hours on the entire nation.
We need to end the bogus arrests of forgetful passengers who in good faith place their belongings in the hands of the TSA.  We need to simply allow the carrying of concealed weapons for self-defense of the law-abiding folks in Illinois like the rest of our nation.
Yes, I have to admit I’m enjoying seeing a civil rights hating politician get paid back for this own tyranny in kind.  Perhaps this should serve as a wakeup call that we need to be a little more reasonable.  After all nobody believes that Trotter had any evil intent to threaten or hurt anyone with his little lady’s gun.  Why then must Trotter face felony charges or any charges at all?  Give him back his gun and set him free.  But don’t forget the rest of us along the way. 


Anonymous said...

Good for him. Maybe getting a taste of his own medicine will wake him up. The citizens of this country have a right to keep and bear arms for self defense and no one, including Trotter and his Democratic ilk, can arbitrarily ban this basic freedom. I hope he got bedbugs or something during his stay in lockup.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it folks,in Chicago the politically connected carry guns and regualr folks cannot.Many skirt the laws by becoming security officers/supervisors(on paper)or pay a Licensed PI(becoming more prevalent)to sponge off of their license to carry a gun in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

And I bet he voted against concealed carry last year when it came to a vote. What a f**king hypocrite. 2013 will be different for Illinois though. A federal judge ordered the General Assembly to draft a CCW law in 180 days.