Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Do We Refuse to Protect Our School Children?

A schoolmarm in Israel protecting her precious children...
Newtown, CT—We have yet another slaughter by a total coward in a Gun-Free Zone.  The unintended deadly consequences of creating these “special areas” where self-defense is outlawed won’t end until we face the obvious fact that Gun-Free Zones protect nobody.
We learned long ago that we must arm police because the guns save lives.  The reality is there’s never a cop around when you need one.
We protect cash with armed guards but we only use Gun-Free Zones to protect our children.  It’s obvious cash is far more important than our children.
We need to return armed police and security to every school and staff members to carry firearms after training.
As the picture above from Israel demonstrates the schoolteachers there carry what our politicians call assault weapons. 
Let’s use firearms to protect our children for a change.  Cops or properly vetted and well-trained armed security guards can stop those who would harm our children. 
On a side note let me suggest that Americans have gone out of their way to tolerate bullying and victimizing those deemed unpopular.
Those people that seem different or unusual are pushed aside and abandoned.  The emotional damage done can cause depression and nurture anger. 
When you look at every mass shooter the picture is always the same.  These are social outcasts who can’t find ways to cope with the loneliness. 
Perhaps it’s time for all of us to reach out to those among us that don’t seem to fit into our lives.  A little kindness may rescue these tortured souls and prevent horrific events like we’ve seen this morning.  


Anonymous said...

I'll take a wild guess here:

The mother was a teacher and, like too many, had a fixed and narrow attitude about how children must, and must not, behave, as well as, perhaps, a fixed and narrow definition of just how to promote 'acceptable' behaviors and prevent 'unacceptable' behaviors.

At work, she had to adhere to a certain defined set of rules concerning her own behavior.

Not necessarily so at home.

The son didn't fit his mother's narrowly defined standards of child behavior, however good and proper they might have been, nor did he experience his mother's means of trying to compel, induce, or require him to conform to those standards.

We may learn that her treatment of her sons was significantly different than how she had to treat, and not treat, her students, to comply with the defined rules under which she was employed.

Thus, as you've described, the son in question may have experienced a childhood practically designed to result in an angry, desperately disturbed human being.

It's not unlikely that he hated her, and those children he perceived as kids she loved and whose behaviors she controlled and approved of, and that hate became the rage which drove his actions.

Anyone else getting in his way became collateral damage.

The common sense precautions you present here will likely not be taken seriously, as common sense isn't so common anymore.

kilo4/11 said...

I depart from my usual practice of going straight home after work, letting the world spin as it will without benefit of my comment until the morrow. The next day has always been soon enough for me to catch up on whatever transpired while at work, but tonight, I must put something down, my markers, if you will, on the Connecticut massacre, before the professionals get ahold of it and tear it to shreds. Tonight, for once, I will embody the stereotype of the wired, coffee fueled amateur, banging away in the wee hours.

What happened in that school and in the mind of that killer was massively the result of the culture of death. We have brought forth a generation who have imbibed the mantra that children, new life, are waste products of our pleasure, to be disposed of with no more thought than we give to taking out the garbage. What can be so special, what can be special at all, about those who accidentally or for their parent's selfish reasons, have been allowed to emerge intact and alive from the womb, and now walk around with the rest of us? All they do is suck up attention, attention that could have gone to those who were already here.

Environmentalism teaches the killers that children, fertility, reproduction, all are polluters, using up resources, taking up scarce space. Children get in the way, their games and schools cause congestion with parents driving them to and fro, school busses blocking traffic, crossing guards stopping the flow.

This is massively a confrontation of the female/feminist worldview with the masculine. Women, and the cunning male politicians who thrive on their fears, have been at the forefront of the disarming of men, and they will be powerfully stimulated by this to press for more. This is the result of feminist hatred of the wild and free in men, of male strength. They have taught and persuaded their less political minded sisters to mistrust male protective instincts, and to place their trust in government instead. Something must be done to stem the de-masculinization of our society, for it is both depriving us of our natural protectors, and fostering this fatal blend of mental weakness, the feminine over-emotionalism, with the male body's hormonal urge to destroy. Combining the two in this perverse way has given us these utterly self-centered, oversensitive, temperamental and violence prone hybrids who can see their pique as giving them permission to destroy everything around them. It is the female's fit of throwing the china and wedding pictures against the wall, to bring her married life to an end, mutated into a desire to bring all life to an end.

Something must be done to take back the job of protecting our young from the failed police state. How many more times must we watch the file of fat, useless, overarmed SWAT teams as they come out of one of these scenes after it is all over, waddling under the weight of body armor and weaponry deigned for infantry combat, in response to a situation that could have been ended with one shot, if someone with a stake in these lives had been there? We will likely see the most furious, dishonest attack on gun rights yet as a result of this, and we had better answer fury with fury.

Anonymous said...

Lets remind the gun grabbers the worst mass murder in recent US history was the Happyland club in 1990.You only need 20 bucks worth of gasoline.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when my kids were in elem. school I was at a PTA meeting. The asst. principal saw that I had a pocket knife clipped onto my pants pocket. He told me I wasn't supposed to bring weapons into the school. I pulled up my shirt to show him my .38 snub and asked him "What about this one?" I thought he was going to shit a brick. We had a conversation afterwards. He learned many things he had never thought of before. I don't think I talked him into joining the NRA but at least he learned something new at school that day.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The Happyland Social Club attack was committed with a single gallon of gasoline. That cost little more than a buck for hi test at the time.

Anonymous said...

shooter was on mind numbing & altering drugs, forced on him by the schools & society. News in every report say he was wearing black, like that was the problem, whole thing is sad, but gun free is part of the problem, not any workable solution.

Anonymous said...

I won't take a wild guess, I'll tell you based on 34 years of working with the severely ill mentally ill.

The shooter had acute paranoid schizophrenia. This hits males between 18 and 25. He was 20.

Schizophrenics have a lower rate of violence than the general population, but when they have violent impulses they are very, very dangerous.

I believe it should be a REQUIREMENT to demonstrate firearms proficiency to get a job as a teacher, and all teachers should be armed.

I also think President Obama should immediately pledge one billion dollars to restore our community mental health centers, which have been essentially dismantled since Nancy Reagan retired as First Lady.

Anonymous said...

If they allowed school employees to carry concealed this would not have happened. A posted sign stating this is a gun free zones translates into, "kill free zone". That sign never saved anyones life but I guess it makes some feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Anonymous said...

Bullet Points as to where I totally agree with Paul.

. The Gun-Free Zones protects nobody.
. There is a need for armed police and more security at schools after good and proper training.
. The reality is there’s never a cop around when you need one.

Note: In my experience in Los Angeles was held up by two guys with two guns and a knife and kidnapped, and I jumped out of the car while I was driving the car on Sunset Blvd on April Fools Day in 1978. While it is true that there were two plain clothes cops around from Marina Del Rey shortly thereafter who were very helpful - the truth is - if I had not jumped out of the car while driving it with two guns and a knife pointed at me I would not be writing this today, especially since the LAPD later told me one of the perps was a psychopath.

. We protect cash with armed guards but only use NOTHING to protect children at schools. Murder is the worst violation - but sexual molestation also destroys a child's or a person's trust, and debilitates too.

Bullet Point that I would add to:

. Although I agree that it is time for all of us to reach out to tortured souls in an effort to empathize and not patronize,

I am not sure we can prevent horrific events like this, when the mother left guns that were legally hers - lying around for her son to pick up, and when the school did not have enough security or armed guards, for that is the reality of the situation.

Anonymous said...

As far as anonymous commenter of Dec 14th at 2.20 p.m. I believe the guess - is not at all wild.

It is very possible that the shooter took his mother out and the rest of those innocent young kids in a jealous rage.

There many be much truth to

"It's not unlikely that he (Adam Lanza) hated her (his mother), and those children he perceived as kids she loved and whose behaviors she controlled and approved of, and that hate became the rage which drove his actions.

Anyone else getting in his way became collateral damage."

As Shakespeare said -

(in an era before psychiatrists and the invention of schizophrenia as a mental "medical disease")

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't"

meaning that there is a method to, a driving force, and a reason behind Adam Lanza's crazyness, his cowardly massacre, the ultimate bullying of innocents.

Anonymous said...

Clackamas shooter may have capped himself when he ran into an armed civilian,this is one you should investigate Paul.Why isnt NRA looking into this??

JeremyR said...

Anon at 1:28 The only ones who get warm and fuzzy in free fire zones are the killers with raging anger.
I have come to the conclusion that the problem is liberals and guns.
We make our judgements based on those we associate with. We as conservatives have conservative friends, and thus we don't know any one we would not trust with a gun. Liberals on the other hand look at their liberal associats and can't for the life of them think of one they would trust with a gun.
Sad thing is, the liberals are right, I don't know a liberal I would trust with a gun (or power) either.
On the bright side, 12-21-12 is less then a week away. /sarc.
Pray for the faimlies, this is hell week/ month/ year/ decade. Their hurt will not end, at least not in this life time. It hurts to lose a child.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on Obama he let school security funds lapse time for impeachment now!

Anonymous said...

TSA claims sick disabled girl in wheelchair tests positive for bomb residue

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Something in my gut tells me all these shootings are connected.

This is what, the 5th “lone gunman” incident?
Yes, they all got the same memo about uniform of the day: mask and military armor.
Do not forget assault rifles.

Why do they all wear masks?
How did this geeky kid in Newtown get off firing hundreds of rounds?
How does one carry all these weapons?
Where did he get the body armor? Mom had body armor?

A young man goes into a gun-free zone, shoots innocents and commits suicide.
Yes, once is an instance.
Twice is maybe a coincidence.
Once you hit 3, 4, 5, etc. it’s a pattern, and someone is actively orchestrating it.

The Oregon mall shooting? Once again, masked offender wearing body armor enters
a gun free zone with a rifle, shoots multiple victims, and kills himself.

Does the profile of “substitute/retired teacher” in very affluent suburbia--
baking cookies for bunko fit the profile of a woman, who would own a .223 Bushmaster rifle,
Sig Sauer rifle and various other handguns? What is she, former military/cop…urban guerrilla?
She is dead. Convenient. Who really killed her?

The NY Post mentions that her ‘former landscaper’ and occasional drinking buddy says
that Mom frequently took her son to shooting ranges. I don’t buy that crap at all.

Why wear body armor in a gun free zone, and then kill yourself? Make sense? No.

4 out of 5 did, except the joker; he failed to get his last instruction down pat.
The entire world saw how doped up he still was at his arraignment hearing.
Eyewitnesses in Aurora saw a second man. Was he Holmes’ handler?

Holmes had thousands of rounds of ammo at home? Why? He had very expensive equipment including body armor but he was unemployed.
Where did the money come from?

Where did the money come from to booby-trap his apartment so effectively it took 3 days to disarm it all. Some geek kid, right?

Jennifer Gallagher, the nurse who treated the victims in Aurora, had a drowning accident. She "fell in the water at night" two weeks
after the Aurora Colo. massacre. What did she know?

All these incidents occur in affluent gun-free zones in America.
Just by accident?
Maximum horror for maximum effect.

Someone is actively orchestrating it.

I believe that someone is actively recruiting losers , brainwashing them along with psychotropic drugs, and turning them out with weapons, armor, etc.
and the end game of suicide.

Coincidental that this latest shooting came on the heels of a Federal court
overturning a conceal carry ban - and the law in Illinois to be re-written in less than
170 days or so?

This is about the disarming of America by any means necessary.

We live in a world controlled by very wicked elements who will do anything to further their designs.

Our politicians who are well protected by their
own personal armed security details are insisting on gun confiscation on us----right this very minute. True evil.

Remember Australia. Problem/Reaction/Solution.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter I fear. This was a bad one, and I think the commie's I mean libs are bearing their fangs and mean to bite down hard. The State news channels are all fired up too. We know what is needed and what must be done. Train and arm the school staff, STOP POSTING STUPID MORONIC SIGNS ! AND KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY.

Anonymous said...

Here is another one nobody wants to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Go Texas!!,2933,404721,00.html

Anonymous said...

Here is a short video - on how to survive when threatened by a gunman or someone with knife at your school or place of work, or if someone tries to kidnap you in the street or with your car.

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event


One thing not in the video but coming from my own experience is that if you have to interact with the gunmen or person with a knife - always treat those people with respect- your life is in their hands - don't do or say anything to incite their anger at you. If an opportune moment comes up to escape then I would definitely take the chance if your odds for life - are much worse if you stay and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

....meaning that there is a method to, a driving force, and a reason behind Adam Lanza's crazyness, his cowardly massacre, the ultimate bullying of innocents.

December 15, 2012 6:51 PM

considering the further information which has emerged in the press, there's another plausible understanding of the killer's motivations:

he did not think the way most people think, nor feel, both emotionally and physically, the way most people feel.

thus, from a very early age, he couldn't understand nor identify with most other human beings, including his sibling and parents.

the natural expectations of his parents, concerning his thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, were likely a source of constant bewilderment to them, so incomprehensible as to lead to a sense of helplessness and an inevitable resignation to not ever being able to truly understand their own son and, thus, affirming his feeling of the futility of ever hoping to be a part of a world he just didn't fit into.

an obvious contributing source of his sense of not belonging is the persistent attitude of most people, especially 'educators', that those who exhibit thoughts, feelings and behaviors which are significantly different than the accepted 'normal' thoughts, feelings and behaviors, can, and should be, 'fixed', a common goal that really means being compelled, via doping, conditioning and the ever present counseling, into conforming to the accepted norm.

that norm during the childhood years means being as much like every other child as possible.

to a child like this one was, there would be nothing more agonizing than to be constantly pushed and pulled into being someone he knew he was not.

a combination of both the long term development of intense emotional resentments and, as has been reported, a mind keenly tuned to logical thought sequences, might lead to his concluding that, given the fact that every body born into this world must inevitably die and, that he would never even come close to fitting into what he'd experienced as 'normal' society, a society that to his way of thinking is saturated in illogical, irrational and complex contradictions, the obvious choice of action would be to die, with the intense emotional resentments being the cause of his choice of the last actions he would take before his death.

when a person can't be convinced of the validity and worth of the 'normal' reasons to continue to live, especially a person whose fundamental means of thought are as rigorously logical as a complex mathematical equation, the only option that remains is to not live.

those who choose the end the lives of others prior to ending their own are likely expressing, and acting on, those emotional resentments so ignorantly nurtured throughout their childhoods by the very people who, though mostly well intentioned, don't have a clue as to the actual nature of the individual they are attempting to 'help' and, thus, cannot know how to actually help.

for some, one size does not fit all.

Anonymous said...

Gun owners where are you????????






Anonymous said...

@anonymous, Dec. 18, 2:30 a.m., post ending "one size does not fit all."

I'm with your analysis up till this point: if such people have developed such rage within, how can it not be detectable in some way by the parents? I tell you, the father of this boy would not be safe if one of mine had been killed. Assuming I was not shocked into an immobile, catatonic state by my grief, I believe I would be in that man's face, and perhaps worse. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

kilo4/11 said...

But how come the parents did not see this rage building in him? I do not buy that their simply "not understanding" the kid allowed them continue to fuel his resentments and be blind to the resulting anger. Your explaination focusses entirely on the rational, you leave no room for his soul, and as Patrick Buchanan rightly put it, Lanza's soul was dead. This cannot all be blamed on his mental condition. His parents undoubtedly raised him in the tenets of secularism, in which he was taught we must not do anything to harm this quasi-sacred earth, which is all we have now that belief in heaven has been outlawed. If I had lost one of mine, his father would not be safe.