Sunday, July 03, 2011

Are You Celebrating Your Freedom and Liberty Today?

Perhaps you flew to your favorite getaway for the Fourth of July weekend. If you did you posed for perhaps a hundred cameras, got groped and X-Rayed by the lower forms of life hired by the TSA. If you were lucky they were unable to steal your valuables or cash.

Your credit and debit cards left a trail for anyone to follow. They know what you ate, drank, where you slept and with whom. Privacy in America is dead.

If you drove you left your IPass trail at every tollgate and upon entering various jurisdictions had to stop for police checkpoints along the way. They were able to snap a picture of you or two driving through photo traffic enforcement traps. They know the route you took as you stopped for fuel and meals.

You used you cell phone so they know where you were and all about the calls you made and received. You text messages and emails are neatly filed away for future snooping.

You’re short on funds this year since you have been forced to pay for the medical care, welfare, incarceration and education of millions of illegal aliens. You also paid billions for government services and projects you never wanted or needed so your politicians could get kickbacks to fund their political campaigns.

Perhaps it will be this year when you discover you’ve been living in a Police State. If not it may happen as yet more new laws are created in Congress or you State Legislature.

Do you still feel like celebrating freedom? The sad truth is you’ll have to recapture freedom and liberty by fighting yet another war before you will have a legitimate reason to celebrate.

Watch here and see how the FBI put a GPS tracking device on a person’s automobile without a warrant.

The government argues this is procedure is somehow not a search. The U.S. Supreme Court will tell us next session if the government is correct or if it’s in violation of the plaintiff’s civil rights. Stay tuned.

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Print Run Richard said...

Jesus, Paul, this is still a pretty good birth lottery ticket to have won. Bureaucracy has its costs and total freedom is very close to anarchy.

Anonymous said...

Paul, once again you rang the bell. People today don't know how free this Country once was. Why? Because they don't read their history. And we know what happens when we forget it. I live in the police State of Illinois which sucks! America, land of the "fee" and home of the sheep.