Friday, July 15, 2011

Appeals Court Shuts Down TSA’S Naked Scanners!

Washington D.C.—After the TSA unceremoniously subjected travelers to naked X-Ray scans there was an uproar over the invasive process and the unknown long term health effects of the Equipment used.

The TSA implemented the program and bypassed required public input and normal comment periods. Today the D.C Court of Appeals spanked the Homeland security and the TSA. They ordered theTSA to follow proper comment procedure.

I guess the TSA will have to settle for massive groping of our junk. Perhaps it time to stop bathing before we fly. Let’s all make the TSA swine as miserable as possible.

Here is a copy of the opinion right of the court clerk’s press:
TSA Naked Scanners Shut Down


Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful news Paul!!!

It's a bit of an invasion of privacy - isn't it.

An invasion of privacy -like hacking victims phones which has the effect of victimizing the victim twice over.

Or a different kind of invasion of privacy like being sexually assaulted from behind.

Different kinds of invasion of privacy. All abhorrent

Sorry couldn't resist it.

Ed Skinner said...

Don't throw away your lead underwear yet: FOX News says the ruling allows them to continue using the scanners while comments are collected.

Anonymous said...

TSA are uneducated, apathetic goofs that make mall cops look like Marines. Shut it all down and use combat-trained veterans.