Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There is an Extraordinary Acting Coach in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA--Graham Beckel has been acting professionally for 40 years. He played a corrupt LAPD sergeant in Hollywood Confidential, an admiral in Pearl Harbor and hundreds of other roles. Beckel is a consummate pro, who’s always in demand for those special parts.

Savvy actors seeking to hone their skills all need a place to work their scenes and become primetime perfect. Beckel has created a great lab for actors and works with them from very young beginners to mature veterans.

Beckel’s goal is to help actors be all that they can be and he’s a really gifted teacher that will make that happen. Those fortunate enough to live near Santa Monica can visit the Santa Monica Playhouse on Tuesday nights, enroll in Beckel’s classes and experience the magic.

The details of Graham Beckel's acting class can be found at:

Between the student’s scenes Holly Gleason performs live music and last night Graham who was also blessed with a great voice sang a duet with Holly. I shot that number called L.A. Dawn which was written by Beckel with my video camera and placed it here for your enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

Paul, You always manage to have too much fun! Wow, that was great!

fatfred said...

Mr. Beckel stated at the premier of Atlas Shrugged that he had been black listed for the role he played in that movie. He is a great actor
and it is good to see him teaching what he knows to younger actors.

Anonymous said...

Paul, You've been holding out on us! That Holly Gleason is soooo sexy and terrific. Can you put more of her up for us to see?

Graham Beckel shocked me with his singing talent too. WE WANT MORE PLEASE?

That has now been converted for my Ipod.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could attend beckel's class here in Chicago. I just landed an audition for Boss and I have three pages to read...

That song and the singers are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Wow Paul, I have watched that video over and over. That's great!