Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse Has Died

I don’t what turned me off the most, her drug use, smoking, tattoos or the hair and eye makeup out of an Ed Wood horror film. For me Amy Winehouse had no relevance until now. Until I ran across her rendition of, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Winehouse’s voice is a divine gift.

Now I'm saddened to hear that this gifted young woman has died. She had a lot to offer this world but is just a sad memory now.

She lived and apparently died in a world of alcohol and drugs like so many well off and talented folks

I had to put her version of Will You Love Me Tomorrow on my Ipod along with The Shirells, Ben E. King and Carole King’s versions of that great song.

This is now a sad song:


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Tim Hardin who wrote his own music also.

He was very popular in the 1960's.
I was lucky enough to see and hear him at "The Speakeasy" "The Speak" as it was known then - a nightclub in London England.

but in 1980 Tim Hardin died of a drug overdose. It all started with heroin in the Vietnam war I guess.

How Can We Hang On To A Dream.

Reason To Believe

If I were a Carpenter.

Some people are more vulnerable than others -
fame does not cure that vulnerability -
or save them

as the gift and the vulnerability may have made them famous - to begin with.

Jimmy Hendrix is another - and of course Jim Morrison and on and on...

Anonymous said...

Everyone knew this was going to happen. A Rare voice indeed. So long Amy. A.J. Loves You.

ANGRY PIG said...

I have to agree with you Paul,I like her rendition of the song.It's a shame,before she died the only thing I ever heard was about her problems.