Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Watching My Fellow Bloggers Grow With Technology

As I write this I’m wringing my hands that I’m not in Chicago setting up a live video feed of the historic and unprecedented FOP march seeking the ouster of a police superintendent. At a minimum I’d like to put up a three minute video package that would accurately sum up today’s happenings.

Second City Cop
, Shaved and this outlet has brought text, photos and canned video. I’d like to say I lead the pack with the video production, but I’m acutely aware that the other blogs are operated by working Chicago cops who must protect their identities. Shooting video and getting interviews requires exposure and that’s the rub for any anonymous blogger. Crimefile News operates freely under my name and reputation.

There are those out there that know how to use cameras and that can feed video to any blogger without spending a nickel beyond the cost of the camera and laptop computer. On the other hand minimal funding for newsgathering assistance would solve the problem.

The blog readers are often out in the trenches and should capture video for their favorite bloggers. They can simply send their captured video the bloggers on those tiny flash drives. The bloggers can in turn get that video out to the masses.

Cell phone video sucks, but the cheap and tiny Flip Video HD cameras are terrific. The above photograph shows a Flip Ultra HD with a recommended Small tripod.

Bloggers must learn to shoot and edit video or be left in the dirt by competition. A $150.00 Flip Ultra HD camera along with a MackBook computer is that’s needed to get started. Any Apple Store offers free lessons on video editing with the free I-Movie software already on that MackBook. As the experience of the blogger progresses better cameras, microphones and lighting equipment will be acquired.

The Second City Blog is unique. It offers three simple stories per day of interest to Chicago Cops and their families. The excitement comes from the anonymous people posting comments. There is a huge amount of department gossip spread here. Journalistically it’s lacking in every respect but the banter opens the door for legitimate investigation of claims made by contributors.

Information left in the comment section has become very newsworthy on several occasions. One thing Second city Cop does well is casting sunshine onto questionable departmental policies and practices that imperil cops or the public.

Every blogger must strive to be accurate, honest and above all, get the best information to the masses.
Second City Cop
Here is a Flip HD generated video.


Anonymous said...


What is that thing under the camera and handcuffs? A giant buttplug??

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

It is a terrific little tripod with flexible rubber legs that will keep the camera still. It's made by sunpack.

Anonymous said...

paul m y droid incedible has the best video in a phone yet. its a 2-in-1 unit, better than those bad cell cams.

the still cam alone is 6 mega pixels.

i wont use them for forensic PI evidene, but will if im caught by suprise without the more pro-gear.