Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chicago’s Mass Transit Passengers Are Under Violent Attack

Chicago, IL—The robberies on CTA property are beyond epidemic right now. Many crimes are reported and many others aren’t. The public knows police can’t do much after the fact, so why bother making a report? Passengers have no choice but to provide their own security.

The criminals are targeting high tech gadgets, but purses and wallets are high on the list. The police can’t help and passengers are absolutely on their own. Over 95% of the CTA robbers are African-American and the remainder, are Hispanic. The victims are overwhelmingly White people.

These crimes will only increase until passengers arm themselves and refuse to be victimized. If you must take the CTA be well-armed and trained. You have the right to bear arms even in Illinois as their total ban on carrying is now unconstitutional and unenforceable.

With all the thousands of passengers there must be someone that will dispatch a thug or two. Simply blow the bastards right out of their Nike sneakers and flee for your own safety. Say nothing to police unless advised by a lawyer to do so. No lawyer will let you do that anyway. It’s very simple, shoot and scoot.


Anonymous said...

well, Paul, here's the problem:

it's well known amongst the thug 'community' that, based on past experiences, white people don't fight back, are unprepared to fight back and, as a general rule of thumb, don't want to fight back.

Thus, it's only logical for these thugs to pick their targets based on the color of their prospective victim's skin.

What would make more of an impression than their being shot is their being cut, and cut deep.

And, presuming that the rule in law is still 'under 3"' is legal, a readily assessable blade is to be preferred to a still not quite lawful firearm, if, that is, the potential victim(s) has the stones to use it.

In the interim, we can only work to, finally, establish CCW as the law of the land here.

Anonymous said...

There is no blade length in Illinois.Howevers,the statute is intentionally vague as to what a "dangerous" knife is.


Anonymous said...

box cutter....legal, can inflict much damage. Gun, ilegal, can inflict maximum damage, even death..
Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

Anonymous said...