Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Favorite Blogs

Perhaps it’s time that I let my visitors know about the blogs I visit every day and why. Blogs are the new, news media and they are here to stay.

Blogs are a terrific way to learn what’s going on in our world. Blogs are as different as they are similar. Some create their own content and others simply link you to their idea of the news you can use.

I have targeted my readers from the ranks of the politically conservative. I cater to lawyers, news reporters, cops, gun rights advocates, gun collectors and those Libertarians. Crimes, courts, criminal justice and government is my playground.

Most always, I create my own content or voice my opinion on burning newsworthy issues of the day. I try to use text, images and video with as much artistry as I can muster without adequate funding.

I don’t limit my stories to any one subject matter like a one trick pony. I scour the earth looking for content that I think will interest my visitors. I’m limited by geography and budget. Thankfully I travel quite a bit and that’s allowed me to do stories from major American cities, Europe and even India.

The sites below are by no means the only places I go but the most important ones. I go to cop run sites, entertainment news sites and numerous local news sites across the country every day. I cannot attack the Liberals unless I know what propaganda they are spreading.

1. Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is the grandfather of all bloggers. Matt Drudge and his staff find the most important stories in the world every day and simply link them. Drudge never creates his own content and can be counted upon to find stories politically Conservative readers need to know about. Smart liberals bloggers need to read Drudge too so they can spot those important stories and try to discredit them or spin them in another direction. This site is simplicity at it best avoiding graphic art but for a few pictures.

2. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is the Liberal’s answer to the Drudge report. I must read it to keep my eye on the Leftist enemies of freedom who can all be found here. Technically it’s a great site that integrates text, images and video the way it should be done. Bloggers everywhere should learn from this site. The site is pleasing to the eye perhaps because of a woman’s artistic touch.

3. Second City Cop

This site is the product of an anonymous person who claims to be a Chicago cop. My best guess is that he or she is the real deal. SCC has obvious inside knowledge of the inner workings of the department and police work that takes years to acquire.

SCC creates most of their own content but often links to local media sites that have published department related news. Sadly SCC is challenged on photos and video. SCC’s real draw is that thousands of Chicago cops are chatting in the comment section. They expose newsworthy information that keeps cops alert. SCC will never miss a chance to expose or embarrass deserving bosses and politicians for their misdeeds.

There are plenty of trolls and pretenders that try to misinform in the SCC comments section. So verify the information independently before you believe anything. SCC is a wealth of information for those who need to know what’s going inside the CPD.

4. Detective Shaved Longcock

This site is the product of yet another anonymous alleged Chicago cop. Shaved lifts and links his content rather than creating his own. He does chime in with opinion and sometimes mildly offensive humor.

Bar none, Shaved is the most racially insensitive and sexist blogger found anywhere in police circles. Pointing out the over abundant Black on White violent crime in Chicago and other misdeeds is his specialty. With no pun being intended Shaved always calls a spade a spade.

I don’t think Shaved is racist per se, but he’s very unforgiving to the African-American culture of, entitlement consumption, corruption and senseless violence in Chicago.

Shaved attacks deserving police bosses and politicians whenever he can, with over the top ridicule and wicked humor. Shaved is a marked man. When they find him they will kill him.

Shaved is stumbling through as he learns the use of Adobe Photo Shop to give his visitor the best possible graphics. On this effort he improves his artwork through doing it.

Shaved is learning through experience as we all are. Shaved is steadily winning visitors by putting in all the content he can.

5. John Lott’s Website

John Lott is a master statistician who discovered through hard and cold research that the more guns in possession of citizens actually reduces crime. That concept is the opposite of the flawed but conventional wisdom we have believed for decades.

Lott is an author, speaker and expert who has offered a lot of statics backed opinions on the insane economics position of our current majority of Socialist politicians.

6. Of Arms and the Law

This site is run by Tucson gun rights lawyer and advocate Dave Hardy. Hardy monitors gun legislation and court opinions from across the country. Hardy also produced a compelling gun rights documentary film. Hardy’s site contains lots of linked articles by he also writes well and generates a lot of his own content.

Other sites.

Every day new bloggers appear on the net and others abruptly vanish. One thing for sure they are getting better every day. Blogging is the ultimate exercise of American, First Amendment Freedom.

On my right hand side bar there are a lot of additional sites I visit. Click on any of them and take a quality ride in cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pal, Check out my favorite blog - it's at; www.NewPolity.com There is a great young writer there, Andrew Joseph Murcia who is a conservative and knows his Constitution inside out! You and your many readers will enjoy Mr. Murcia.

Unknown said...

Just wished that your view points were not so polarized. When Gore V Florida went down, it was very unpopular, a majority of the people felt that this was a wrong decision, but respected the institution, the Supreme Court, and its decision.

No gun waving, flag flying protests or assertions of rebellion or as you so often state it "enemy" or totally incorrectly, IMO, "socialist". Dude, read a book!

Mao of Westwood

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

Well thank you Paul....

I am takig a few racial sensitivity classes as we speak... so I may report on a white criminal soon!


Anonymous said...

so I may report on a white criminal soon!


September 28, 2010 9:35 PM

Cock,you report on Daley and his minions all the time,you have well balanced site.