Monday, April 22, 2024

If you don’t like The legacy corporate media, do it yourself!

Los Angeles—You’re there as the joys or horrors of history unfolds before your eyes.  You must tell the story before the truth is lost forever.  By default you are the reporter! 

I saw another amazing movie last night on STARZ, Marie Colvin, the late war correspondent’s biopic.  The star was none other than my next wife in my next life, Rosamund Pike.  

Marie Colvin was a woman driven to place herself in harms way to cover the cruelty and suffering of war. Her life and story was an inspiration to the cast of that current blockbuster film, Civil War.

Colvin was an award wining but tortured soul, who was wounded and later killed covering the Mideast wars.   She was a chain smoker that self-medicated her PTSD with copious amounts of alcohol.  

War is Hell and war correspondents are needed but,  today’s news people have been too often repositioned as influencers and political propaganda peddlers.  

I only hope that the citizens of the world begin to learn learn proper writing, video photography and editing.  We all have the most amazing tool in our pockets to do this, our smartphones.  Use it to eliminate the middlemen or women and post YOUR stories directly for all to see.  You are the witness, you don’t need others to filter what you see and experience. Your smartphone is mightier than any sword.  The images you capture are forever.  Please roll with the technology. 

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