Thursday, April 18, 2024

My review of the 2024 movie, Civil War.

Washington DC—We are a very divided nation and according to world history we must have unavoidable periodic wars since the beginning of time. We never learned from our mistakes and politicians never quit trying to become tyrants.

I thought this movie was going to come with political views, and then it would be easy to choose a side to support.  That however, was not the case.   But we did have two separate groups intent  on killing each other

This Alex Garland film is from the points of view of two unlikely female combat print photographers played by Kristen Dunst along with her unintended, young, novice sidekick, played by Cailee Spaeny.  Essentially the film shows constant danger, the inability to determine the good combatants from the bad ones.  In other words, you didn’t know who was going to kill you.  One of the things that happens during war is prisoners are somehow brought out of every prison and they of course, commit their atrocities without fear of reprisal.

They did not show any shortage of food or clean water.  This of course was not realistic.  This film had no shortage of gratuitous violence and was very intense.   There were plenty of psychopathic characters .  

The special effects were very realistic.  The ensemble cast was excellent in their delivery.  I think this is a realistic view of what happens during war, and it is certainly incredibly cruel.  

I’m going to suggest that you see the film in a theater with a wide screen.   I absolutely got my money’s worth for the $10 ticket.  

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